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Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Document 9
[PMO file BW 30/34, page 37]
Document 9

Krema II BW 30
30th March 1942
To be registered
Correspondence register no 5816/42/Er/Lp
Subject: Crematorium, incineration furnace for Auschwitz POW Camp [Birkenau]
Reference: Conversation with the Head of Office C/III, SS Major Wirtz, on 25/3/42 at Auschwitz
Enclosure: 1 photocopy, 3 drawings, 1 copy
SS Economic and Administrative Head Office
Amtsgruppe C Head of Office C/III
Berlin Lichterfelde West
Unter den Eicher, 126-135

As shown air the enclosed drawings, two 3 muffle incineration furnaces incineration were originally planned for the Waffen SS POW camp at Auschwitz.

During our conversation of 27/2/42 with the Head of the Amtsgruppe, SS Oberführer [senior Colonel ] Dr Ing Kammler, at Auschwitz, it was decided that it was decided that the 5 three muffle furnaces planned for the KL (concentration camp] should he installed at the KGL [POW camp], and that consequently the two 3 muffle furnaces would be superfluous to requirements. Messrs Topf & Sons of Erfurt now want to invoice the operating and administrative costs incurred in studying the project at
1,769,36 RM
During our conversation of 25/3/42 with the Head of Office C/III, SS Major Wirtz, it was agreed that the two 3 muffle incineration furnaces should be transferred to another construction project.

We would therefore ask you to inform Messrs Topf & Sons of Erfurt. In order to clarify the situation we enclose a copy of this mailer.
Head of Waffen SS and Police
Construction Management Auschwitz

Signed Bischoff SS
Captain (S)
For Auschwitz Archives