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Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Document 6
[PMO file BW 30/25, Page 1]
Document 6

Correspondence register no. 5296 /42/Er/Jh 5th March 1942
Subject: Crematorium, incineration furnace for POW Camp Auschwitz [Birkenau]
Order no 42/261/1 of 12/2/42
J A Topf & Söhne
Dreyserstraße 7/9ß

On the occasion of the visit, on 27/2/42, made to our Central Construction Management by the Head of Amtsgruppe C of the SS Economic and Administrative Main Office, SS Oberführer [senior colonel) Dr Ing Kammler, it was decided that the incineration furnaces ordered for the prisoner of war camp will not be proceeded with, but that the 5 three-muffle furnaces ordered by the letter of 22nd October 1941, correspondence register no 215/41/Ho will be instilled in the prisoner of war camp.

The verbal order issued by the Central Construction Management is therefore withdrawn and we would therefore ask you to confirm cancellation of the order.
[Ertl’s initials]
[Bischoff’s initials]
Document 7 Document 7:

Identity photograph of Kurt Prüfer, born 21 April 1891, Oberingenieur / Chief Engineer of Section D.IV, “Krematoriumbau / Crematorium construction” of Messrs Topf & Sons of Erfurt. He started work in this firm on 16 June 1911 at a monthly salary of 90 RM.

[K Prüfer personal file held in the Weimar Staatsarchiv (GDR), Bestand 2/555]