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Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Document 12
Document 12:
“Stable” type huts were erected in summer 1942 and remained till spring 1943. serving as undressing rooms for the people destined for the gas chambers of Bunker 2/V. After they were dismantled in 1943, the SS had new ones erected in summer 1944 for the same purpose. It would appear that the number of huts in 42 43 was different from 1944, but in any event there were either two or three. The photo shows two concrete outlines symbolizing these huts built by the Auschwitz. Museum and based on the declarations of S. Dragon In the foreground, the access path [labeled “chemin d'accès"] to the installations of Bunker 2/V for those coming from the Birkenau ramp.

Document 13 Document 13:

West east view of the site of hut 1 on Drawing 1. Upper left, at a distance of 300 meters, the Zentral Sauna disinfection installation [ZS]

Document 14:

Looking south east from the access path over the site of hut 2 of Drawing 1. On the left is hut 1 and in the background the Zentral Sauna [ZS]
Document 14