The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Document 4 [Photo 1/P1]

Document 4 [Photo 1/P1]
[Photo PMO neg. no. 20995/456]
North south view of the westernmost provisional decantation basin. On the extreme left the north ends and west sides of three of the “Unterkunft u. Effektenbaracke, Wäsche / accommodation and effects buildings, linen” constructed to the west of B.III, along drainage ditch F.

Document 5 [Photo 2/P2]

Document 5 [Photo 2/P2]:
[Photo PMO neg. no. 20995/457]
South-north view of one of the four provisional earth decantation basins of Birkenau III. The wooden maintenance bridges crossing the basin have not yet been installed. In the background is the “existing road” mentioned in drawing 3386. These basins are still visible today, as they appear on the photo but overgrown with trees and scrub.