The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Photo 10 Photo 10:
[Source: Warsaw Central Commission, Stanislaw Luckzo series. Sygn. 5150A]

The right hand door is the main entrance, northwest, of Krematorium I in 1945 [May?]. It is not known whether this door is original or has just been fitted. Restoration work is in progress. The left-hand door leads to the former medical store and was subsequently to be converted back into a window.
Photo 11:
[Source: Warsaw Central Commission, Stanislaw Luckzo series. Sygn. 5148]

The southeast access to the second air lock of the air raid shelter for the SS hospital, the building visible in the background, behind the trees, in 1945. This entrance led directly to the former gas chamber of Krematorium I. Though it had nothing to do with the gas chamber it was preserved during the restoration, whereas it should have been filled in to respect historical facts.
Photo 11
Photo 12 Photo 12:
[Photo by the author]

Southeast entrance to the second air lock, now designated the victims' entrance.