The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Photo 5 Photo 5:
[Photo by the author, 1983]

Northwest façade of Krematorium I, present state.
Photo 6:

[Photo taken from the book by Saul Friedländer, “Kurt Gerstein ou l'ambiguité du bien”, Casterman 1967, plate, page 16. Photo probably from the PMO]

North corner of Krematorium I being rebuilt in 1945 1946. The chimney has been completed. The morgue window is being installed. The door of the medical store is still in its original state.
Photo 6
Photo 7 Photo 7:
[Photo by the author, 1983]

Northern corner of Krematorium I, present state. The building on the right was that housing the SS hospital of the camp. The first floor windows afforded a direct view down onto the roof of Krematorium I, and hence on the SS-men pouring Zyklon-B through the traps during gassing. At such times it was forbidden to look out of the windows. The proximity of these buildings led to the southwest part of the crematorium being converted into an air raid shelter for the SS hospital in September 1944.