The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Photos 3a, 3b, and 3c
[Photos by Michel Folco]
Front (3a) side/rear (3b) and rear (3c) views of the coke-fired single-muffle H Kori furnace installed under the Bunker at KL Mauthausen, which entered service in May 1940. This “brick built” furnace has a double system for closing the muffle: a double door, and inside this a “guillotine” plate, the latter being operated by means of a counterweighted handle at the side if the furnace It would appear that the Topf engineer Prüfer was inspired by this model in designing the guillotine closing system for the muffles of his four muffle furnaces at the end of 1941. His doors were a much tighter fit and in general the Topf furnaces were much more sophisticated than the Kori furnaces, while at the came time allowing more muffles in a given space.

It should he pointed out that following the installation of this “brick-built” model, a second Kori furnace, but this time one of the oil fired “mobile” type [like the one at the Trzebinia labor camp], was installed at Mauthausen. It entered service in February 1942 and was dismantled in 1945, before the camp was liberated.
Photo 3c Photo 3c
Photo 3b Photo 3b
Photo 3a Photo 3a