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How Worker Hartmann Became a National-Socialist

How Worker Hartmann Became a National-Socialist

This story tells how a decent German worker, after listening to the talk of a Jewish speaker in a Communist meeting, turns away in disgust and joins the National-Socialists of Herr Hitler.

The Hitler-Youth is out for a tramp. On the way they meet worker Hartmann and they invite him to tell them a story. Worker Hartmann tells how, years ago, unemployed, he became a Communist. He describes the Communist meetings. One day he observes that the leaders are Jews.

“And as one of the Jews was always talking about Russia and always saying it was best there, I grew angry and interrupted: Why are you always talking about Russia? We are German workers! Yes, we're Germans. We want to hear something about Germany, not Russia!”

He goes on to tell how the speaker grew fearfully angry and finally called out:

“What do we care about Germany? All that matters is that we get on and have a good time!

“Now I knew enough. We workers should become traitors to the Fatherland. We should co-operate with the Jews for the ruin of Germany. I would not be a traitor to the Fatherland. No, never! I turned my back on the Jews and left the meeting. Three others came with me. That night I could not sleep. But then I knew what to do. I left the Communist Party. Later, I found my way to Adolf Hitler. And I say to you: I shall stay with Hitler as long as I live. I know the Jews. I shall always think of the song that we workers sang:

'If a Volk wants to be powerful
It must hold firmly together.
For strikes and upsets and the Class struggle
Are the ruin of a Volk.

'This the world has been taught often enough
Throughout the centuries.
Eternal peace will only come
When we have been freed from the Jews.'”