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How Jews Torment Animals

How Jews Torment Animals

In this story the accusations of ritual murder are repeated. Two boys, Kurt and Otto, go to a Jewish slaughter house, hide themselves, where they can watch the Jews killing a cow. The process of fixing the cow and the operation is described, involving callous brutality and Schadenfreude on the part of the Jewish butchers. Four Jews hold down the cow while its neck is being cut.

“The Jews stand there and — laugh.”

At the end, Otto says:

“Kurt, now I believe you. The Jews are the meanest persons in the world.”

Kurt answers:

“Yes, the Jews are a murderous people. With the same brutality and lust for blood with which they kill animals they also kill human beings. Have you ever heard of ritual murders? On such occasions the Jews kill boys and girls, men and women. From the beginning Jews have been murderers. They are Devils in human form. There is a saying:

'Anger, envy, hatred, rage,
Are in the blood of the Jew,
Towards every people on the earth
Who do not belong to the “Chosen.”

'He kills animals and men,
His blood-lust knows no bounds.
The world can only recover
When it is rid of the Jew.'”