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How Two Women Were Tricked by Jewish Lawyers

How Two Women Were Tricked by Jewish Lawyers

This story tells how a Jewish lawyer, by making the same promises to two German women, complainant and defendant, takes fees from both. In the Court judgment is given: “Both women are guilty. Both must pay.”

After the Court proceedings the two Jewish lawyers who have so arranged the case congratulate one another on the good business they have done:

“Now we have muloted the two Gojas of their money, we can put it in our sack!”

The two German women recognize they have been cheated, make peace with one another, and take the experience as a warning never to quarrel again and

“Never to go again to Jewish lawyers.”

“We will remember all our lives this saying:

'The Jewish Lawyer
Has no feeling for Justice.
He only goes to Court
Because of the prospect of money.

'Whether brave and good people
Wear themselves out and bleed,
Leaves the Jew completely cold.
Never go to a Jewish lawyer.’”