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‘Holocaust Denial Videos’

Some of these videos were available on YouTube, Vimeo, and elsewhere, but have since been removed because they are heretical to the secular religion of the Holocaust™, although there are still some good videos on the Wayback Machine, Bitchute, and (of course) Holocaust Handbooks.

Auschwitz: Why the gas chambers are a myth
Auschwitz — where allegedly the Germans killed the Jews. But when you look at the details of what is claimed about Auschwitz and what was physically possible, strange, even incredible discrepancies turn up. Here are some of the most glaring facts that don’t jibe with the usual narrative. Length: 50 minutes.
Auschwitz: The Comedy
Shorter version of Auschwitz: Why the gas chambers are a myth (shown above). Length: 19 minutes 38 seconds.
Buchenwald: A dumb portrayal of evil
Twenty-two episodes dealing with the alleged extermination camp at Buchenwald. Our thanks go out to the producer of these videos, Denier Bud, of Holocaust Denier Videos, for allowing us to make these videos available here. Total length: 2 hours 22 minutes.
The CIA During World War II
It’s much different than what we were told. It’s all fake. Length: 11 minutes.
The Gardelegen Massacre
The Gardelegen Massacre was the killing of 1,016 people on the night of April 13, 1945. It was an American Army horror that was reframed and pinned on the Germans. Length: 39 minutes.
The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax
Since its inception in 1994, Steven Spielberg’s Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation has recorded numerous testimonies of Holocaust survivors. The present documentary uses some of them to prove that the orthodox tale about the alleged extermination camp at Treblinka is untenable. Length: 46 minutes 43 seconds.
The Last Days of the Big Lie
Debunks the repulsive liars glorified as victims and heroes in the Steven Spielberg produced, Academy-Award-winning Holocaust documentary fraud The Last Days. Length: 2 hours 6 minutes.
The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth
Debunks the Gas Chambers Disguised as Shower Rooms propaganda coup staged by the Soviets in August 1944 when they occupied the Lublin-Majdanek camp. That is when Allied Holocaust propaganda took flight. With this documentary, it finds it nemesis. Length: 1 hour 22 minutes.
Nazi Concentration Camps (1945)
A documentary video presented by U.S. prosecutor Thomas J. Dodd to the Nuremberg Tribunal promoting the myth of German mass murders. Length: 1 hour.
Nazi Shrunken Heads
A 25-minute movie in five episodes, dealing with the lies that justify war. Our thanks go out to the producer of these videos, Denier Bud, of Holocaust Denier Videos, for allowing us to make them available here. Length: 25 minutes.
One-Third of the Holocaust
Thirty episodes explain how Treblinka, Sobibor, and Belzec were not death camps, thereby debunking ⅓ of the holocaust. It asks, Would the Germans have really put a fence made out of tree branches around a deathcamp? Answer: Uh, no, that would have been silly. And would they have then conducted a huge burning operation inside this flammable fence? Total length: 4 hours.
The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax
Debunks British Archaeologist Caroline Sturdy Colls’ fraudulent investigation of Treblinka, which included digging near clearly marked Christian graves claiming to have found new hidden mass graves, falsely assigning homicidal intent to a normal life-saving shower room at Majdanek, and misidentifying a terra-cotta tile excavated at Treblinka as belonging to the floor of a homicidal gas chamber. Length: 1 hour 20 minutes.
Why America Believes in The Holocaust
Dwight D. Eisenhower showed everyone piles of bodies and blamed them on the Germans. Length: 12 minutes.

The Eternal Jew (Der Ewige Jude)

This 1940 propaganda film, in the form of a documentary, consists of feature and documentary footage combined with materials filmed shortly after the Nazi occupation of Poland.

Overdubbed in English.

Sarah Silverman on the Holocaust

Jewish comedienne Sarah Silverman has an unusual take on the Holocaust.

Mark Dice

Mark Dice is an author and Internet commentator who believes Holocaust extermination claims, but sometimes his videos are just too good to pass up.

Holocaust videos featuring David McCalden

Archival videos produced by or featuring David McCalden, founder of the Institute for Historical Review.