The Holocaust Historiography Project

Hate on the Internet

  • Did Hitler use the Internet to facilitate the murder of millions?

Bad Arolsen — Scholars studying the tons of documents left behind by the Nazi regime have discovered what appears to be an e-mail address for Adolf Hitler.

The address, [email protected], seems to have been used relatively infrequently since the end of World War II, but as expert Jean-Marc Dreyfus of Manchester University in Britain points out, “This was before the creation of AOL, which is really when e-mail started to be used by everybody. Plus, Hitler would only have an old Enigma machine to send and receive messages, which is even worse than Windows Vista. Plus, he wasn’t much of a typist, so he probably doesn’t even think to check his messages very often. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that Eva [Braun] used the address more than Hitler did.”

So far, neither Hitler nor Braun has responded to messages sent to them at the old address, but researchers remain optimistic. “The messages haven’t bounced, so we know he’s out there, somewhere. I’m now positive that Hitler used the Internet to order the extermination of millions of Jews.”