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Translation of document 091

[Marginal notes in shorthand]


On 12.10.1944, I had a telephone conversation with SS-Standartenfuehrer Sievers and asked him if the Strassburg Skeleton collection had been completely dissolved, as directed by SS-Standartenfuehrer Baumert. SS-Standartenfuehrer Sievers could not advise me on that matter, because he had not as yet heard anything further from Prof. Hirt. I told him that in case the dissolution had not yet been carried out, a certain part of the collection should be preserved. However, guarantee should be given that a complete dissolution could be made in time in case the military situation should endanger Strassburg. SS-Standartenfuehrer Sievers promised me that he would find out about it and let me know.

[signed] Berg.
SS. Hauptsturmfuehrer.


Note for SS-Standardtenfuehrer Dr. Brandt.

During his visit at the Operational HQ on 21.10.1944, SS-Standartenfuehrer Sievers told me that the collection in Strassburg had been completely dissolved in the meantime in conformance with the directive given him at the time. He is of the opinion that this arrangement is for the best in view of the whole situation.

[signed] Berg