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Translation of document 087

“Ahnenerbe” Society
Institute for Military Scientific Research.
G/H/6 SVHe

Puecklerstrasse 16.

G.R.Z.I.A.H.Sk. No 10
5 copies. 2nd copy.
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To the RSHA
Department IV B4
For the attention of SS-Obersturmbannfuehrer Eichmann,
Berlin SW 11
Prinz-Albrecht-Str. 8.

Referring to your letter of 25 September 1942; IV B 4 3576/42 Secret 1488 and the personal conversations which have since taken place on this subject, I wish to inform you that our associate, SS-Hauptsturmfuehrer Dr. BEGER who was in charge of the above special project, concluded his experiments in the KL Auschwitz on 15.6.1943 because of the existing danger of epidemics.

Altogether 115 persons were experimented on. 79 were Jews, 30 were Jewesses, 2 were Poles, and 4 were Asiatics. At the present time these prisoners are segregated by sex and are under quarantine in two hospital buildings of KL Auschwitz.

For the further experimentation on these elected prisoners it will be necessary to have them transferred to the KL Natzweiler. This transfer should be made as speedily as possible because of the existing danger of an epidemic at Auschwitz. A list of the selected people is attached.

We request that the necessary directives be issued. Since this transfer of prisoners presents a certain amount of danger, such as spreading the epidemic to Natzweiler, we request that immune and clean prisoner suits for 80 men and 30 women be sent from Natzweiler to Auschwitz immediately. At the same time lodging should be prepared for the women at Natzweiler in the near future.


copies to:
(a) SS-H'Stuf. Dr. Beger,
(b) SS-H'Stuf. Prof. Dr. Hirt,
(c) SS-Obersturmbannfuehrer Dr. Brandt.