The Holocaust Historiography Project

Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression: Volume VII

Partial copy of document L-22

Executive Office of the President
War Refugee Board
Washington, D.C.
Page 33.

German Extermination Camps — Auschwitz and Birkenau.

Careful estimate of the number of Jews gassed
in Birkenau between April, 1942 and April, 1944
(according to countries of origin).

Poland (transported by truck) approximately 300,000
Poland (transported by train) approximately 600,000
Holland approximately 100,000
Greece approximately 45,000
France approximately 150,000
Belgium approximately 50,000
Germany approximately 60,000
Yugoslavia, Italy and Norway approximately 50,000
Lithuania approximately 50,000
Bohemia, Moravia and Austria approximately 30,000
Slovakia approximately 30,000
Various camps for foreign Jews in Poland approximately 300,000
approximately 1,765,000

Webmaster note: This document is also referred to in various places as L-022, 022-L, and USA-294.