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Translation of document C-59

                                          Fuehrer’s HQ, 19 February 1941
                         TOP SECRET

                                                               10 copies
                                                                 2d copy

Supreme Command of the Armed Forces
No. 4.4 187/41, Top Secret, WFST/Section L (I Op)

S.O. Only
By officer only.

On 18 February the Fuehrer made the following decision regarding the
carrying out of operation “Marita.”

1. The following dates are envisaged:

     Commencement of building bridge                       28 February
     Crossing of Danube                                                2

The final order for carrying out the operation will be given on 26
February at the latest.

It will be decided on 26 February at the latest whether the XIVth Army
Corps will march into Bulgaria when bridge-building operations are begun
or whether only AA Forces will be moved in.

2. It is for the Bulgarians alone to decide if and when to lay mines off
Varna and Burgas.

3. If air attacks are carried out against Bulgaria and Rumania from
Greek territory, the Xth Air Corps has freedom of action in operations
against Greek territory.

                                        The Chief of the Supreme Command
                                                     of the Armed Forces

                                       By order
                                                    (signed] : Warlimont


C-in-C Command of the Army (Operational secion)               1st Copy
C-in-C Command of the Navy (Naval situation report)            2d Copy
C-in-C Command of the Air Force (Air Force Operational Staff)  3d Copy

Supreme Command of the Armed Forces:

Armed Forces Operational Staff                                4th Copy
Section L                                                 5th-9th Copy
Foreign/Military Intelligence                                10th Copy