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Translation of document C-48


    Teleprinter message to C.inC. Navy received 30.11.44
                         MOST SECRET

Most Secret.

Re: Sabotage in Norway and Denmark.

Sabotage to dockyards and ships in the Norwegian-Danish area has
increased to such an extent that energetic countermeasures are

1. C.inC. Armed Forces Norway and C.inC. Armed Forces Denmark are
commissioned to effect the proclamation of an Order and its carrying out
to the Reich commissar for the occupied Norwegian territories and to the
Reich plenipotentiary in Denmark through F.O. (Battleships) ; according
to this order the personnel and if necessary those connected with there
(relatives) are rendered responsible for the cases of sabotage occurring
in their works. Every shipyard worker etc., must know that every case of
sabotage occurring in his sphere of work entails most grave consequences
for him personally, and if he disappears, for his relatives.

2. C.inC. Armed Forces Norway and C. Armed Forces Denmark will
reinforce the defense against sabotage, which up to the present has been
carried out by special detachments of the Navy and the Reich commissar
for shipping, by escort forces composed of personnel from all arms of
the service in collaboration with F.O. (Battleships) with all means
available. For this purpose, in South Norway, the homeward stowage of
troops in the area around Oslo is to be held back. If the numerous
troops of the homeward stowage available in Oslo and also in Denmark,
and the rear units are energetically made use of, the escort can be
tripled. I can, moreover, not allow acts of sabotage of this kind to be
accepted as acts of God and inevitable, without the authorities
responsible for escort being called to account. Troops of the armed
forces destined for defense against sabotage are to be placed in
readiness for action at the disposal of the F.O. (Battleships) re
sponsible for them.

                    Chief of Staff, Supreme Command of the Armed Forces.
                                                         [signed] Keitel
                           General Field Marshall Supreme Command of the
                            Armed Forces-Ops, Staff of the Armed Forces.

(Sec 24-5/C-48)
Section (?) 2 (North) No. 00139/72/44 Most Secret
3/ Naval War Staff.                                   30.11.44.

Section 3 Book No.
Defense 6161/44
Most Secret

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