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Translation of document C-39

                               TOP MILITARY SECRET

Supreme Command of the Armed Forces
Nr. 44842/41 Top Military Secret WFST/Abt.L(I op)
Fuehrer’s Headquarters

                             TOP SECRET [CHEF SACHE]
                              ONLY THROUGH OFFICER

                                                  21 copies:
                                                  3d copy Ob.  d. M.
                                                  I op.00 845/41
                                                  Received 6 June
                                                  Enclosures: -

The Fuehrer has authorized the appended time table as a
foundation for further preparations for “Barbarossa.” If
alterations should be necessary during execution, the
Supreme Command of the Armed Forces must be informed.

                Chief of Supreme Command of the Armed Forces
                                           [signed] : Keitel

C-i-C of Army (Gen. Staff of Army)           1st and 2d copy
C-i-C of Navy (Command of Ocean Navy)        3d and 4th copy
C-i-C of Air (Air Leader Staff)              5th and 6th copy
Defense Office Norway                        7th copy


Wehrmachtfueherungsstab                      8th copy

Abt. L                                       9th to 15th copy
WNV                                          16th copy
Wpr                                          17th copy
Wohrm.Trsp.Chef                              18th copy
Amt Ausl./Abw                                19th copy
Abt. Ausl                                    20th copy
Wi Rue Amt                                   21st copy

                                            [Pencil note]
                                            Correct I op 00910/41
                                            (old pages 6 and 10
                                            destroyed and replaced
                                            by new ones.)
                                            F.M.  11 June 41

Enclosure with OKW/WEST/Abt.L (I op)
Nr. 44842/41 Top Military Secret

                              TIME TABLE BARBAROSSA
                       State of preparations on 1 June 41

1. General. The time table for the maximum massing of troops
in the East was put into operation on the 22 May.

2. Negotiations with friendly states. a. Bulgaria is
requested not to weaken materially her units which are
protecting her Turkish frontier.

b. According to the demand of the Supreme Commander of the
German troops in Rumania the Rumanians have started a
camouflaged part mobilization to defend their frontier
against possible Russian attack.

c. Utilization of Hungarian territory for concentrating
parts of Army Group South is only considered if it is
necessary to push a German unit between Hungarian and
Rumanian troops. This question will not be put to the
Hungarian authorities till the middle of June.

d. Two German divisions are drawn up in the Eastern part of
Slovakia. Reinforcements will be unloaded in the area around

e. Negotiations for preparations with the Finnish General
Staff have been under way since 25 May.

f. Sweden has not been consulted. Negotiations will be
started after commencement of operations.

3. Army. a. West. Total strength (after departure of 6
Infantry Divisions and introduction of 5 formations of the
fifteenth wave from the Reich during the period 22 May-1
40 Infantry Divisions, 1 Infantry Division (motorized). 1
Police Division, 1 Armored Brigade.

Attila or [underlining in pencil] Isabella can be executed
at ten days' warning (this holds good also for the Air

b. North. Total strength. 6 Infantry Divisions, 2 Mountain
Divisions, 1 Lines of Communication Division, SS-Battle
Group North and 140 GHQ batteries (Heeresbatterien) for
coastal defense.

In addition 1 Lines of Communication Division and 18 GHQ
Batteries are scheduled for transport from the home area to

1 reinforced Infantry Division with Corps troops is
scheduled for transport from the home area to Finland. Of
these forces 1 Infantry Division, 2 1Iountain Divisions and
SS-Battle Group North are to be committed for Silver Fox.

It is planned after the beginning of the operations to bring
up a further Infantry Division by rail across Sweden for the
attack on Hango.

c. Balkans. In the Balkans are stationed, in addition to the
formations scheduled for the final occupation, 8 Infantry
Divisions and 1 Armoured Division which will be transported
in part into the Concentration Area East as OKH Reserve but
not before B-Day.

d. East. Total strength is raised to 76 Infantry Divisions,
1 Cavalry Division, 3 Armored Divisions.

The Army Groups and Armies have taken over command in their
sectors, partly by means of'camouflaged battle Headquarters

4. Navy. Command of the Baltic has been established, for the
present in Kiel, later in Swinemuende. Group North have been
supplied with additional protective forces from the West.

5. Air Force. Air Fleet :3 has taken over sole command in
the conduct of air warfare against Britain.

Air Fleet 2 has been withdrawn from action and transferred
to the East.

VIII Air Corps which has been earmarked for Barbarossa will
be transferred as soon as possible to the East. Several
anti-aircraft Battalions which were given up by Twelfth Army
to Air Fleet 4 are still tied down operationally in the
South East.

6. Camouflage. Second phase of deception of the enemy (Code
names: Haifisch and Harpune) in operation with the aim of
giving the impression that landings are being prepared from
Norway, the Channel Coast, and Brittany. Troop Concentration
East (Aufmarsch Ost) will be represented as a deception
exercise for the landing in England.

[Transcription note: The data below is presented in the book
as a table, with 7 columns, headed: “Date", “[Serial No.]",
"Army", “Air Force", “Navy", “OKW” and “Remarks". In order
to present the material so that it may be viewed on a single
screen-width, I have changed the format to that shown below.
All of the data is present, and column titles bracketed.]

[Date] from 1 June.
[Serial No.] 1
[Army] Move up of Echelon, to last till 22 June. Additional
Transfers to the East: 4 Corps Staff, 14 Armored Divisions,
12 Infantry Divisions (Motorized).
[Remarks] Main effort in the first part by 4b-Echelon (Air
Force Components) in second part (from about 10 June) mobile
formations of the Army.
Offensive Activity of the Air Force. With the transfer of
flying formations to the East slackening off of offensive
capacity against Britain and in the Atlantic. With the
transport away of antiaircraft units the antiaircraft
protection of Air Defense Area Centre will be diminished.

[Serial No.] 2
[Navy] “Schlesien” and “Schleswig-Holstein” are read for
action, scheduled as floating batteries.
[OKW] Armed Forces Area Norway current till 22 June
transport of the last 18 Army Coast Defense Batteries.

[Serial No.] 3
[Navy] U-boat School, “Tirpitz” and School Squadron
transferred to Drontheim.
[Remarks] Transfer of the Navy units camouflaged as
concentration for “Harpoon.”

[Serial No.] 4
[Navy] Minelayers from Area West assigned to Group North.
Minelayers of Group North change their bases. Strong
concentration of mine-carrying craft in the Baltic.
[Remarks] Camouflage: exercises during the summer months
which are unsuitable for mine-laying.

[Serial No.] 5
[Navy] Task Force (German help with construction Cruiser
"L") will be recalled from Russia in groups by stages.
[exclamation mark and line in red pencil at left side]

[Date] 5 June
[Serial No.] 6
[Army] See OKW
[Navy] See OKW
[OKW] Armed Forces Commander Norway:
     Transports Stettin-Bottenhaefen:
          5-14 June reinforced 169th Infantry Division in 7
          8 June, First landing in Finland.
     Transports Oslo-Bottenhaefen:
          5-12th June XXXVI Corps with Corps troops in 4
          9 June. First landing in Finland.

[Date] 7 June
[Serial No.] 7
[Army] Intended start of transporting VIIIth Air Corps and
Anti-Aircraft Artillery
[Remarks] Adherence to deadline not yet ascertained with
certainty. [struck through in pencil]

[Serial No.] 8
[OKW] Armed Forces Commander Norway: Start of movement by
road of SS Battle Group North from Kirkenes Southward.

[Date] 8 June
[Serial No.] 9
[Navy] Start of laying of the prepared harbor protective
barrages of the East and Middle Baltic and of the Gjedser
Submarine net obstructions.

[Serial No.] 10
[OKW] Armed Forces Commander Norway:
     First landing in Finland of the transports from
     First landing in Finland of the transports from Norway.
[Remarks] Warning for Russia. The occupation of the Petsamo
area must be given up immediately in the event of Russian
offensive action against Finland.

[Date] from 10 June
[Serial No.] 12
[OKW] Battle Hqs for 4 Armed Forces Commanders Staffs at
action stations.
[Remarks] Scheduled for political and administrative areas

[Date] 10 June
[Serial No.] 13
[OKW] Armed Forces Commander Norway: Start of movement by
road and rail from the Bottenhaefen northwards

[Date] 12 June
[Serial No.] 14
[Navy] The scheduled minelayers and E-boat flottilles (S-
flottillen) transferred to Finland.
[Remarks] Camouflage as express transports for North Norway
via Finland.

[Date] About 12 June
[Serial No.] 15
[OKW] Decision on Barbarossa Conference with the Roumanians.

[Date] 14 June
[Serial No.] 16
[Air Force] [original p. 6 marked “new” in pencil]
[OKW] Hungary: Hint to Hungarian Armed Forces to reinforce
their safeguards on the border against Soviet Russia.

[Serial No.] 17
[Navy] Russian ships kept by disguised measures from
entering the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Canal and (from 17 June)
Gotenhafen. [two strokes in blue pencil at the side.]

[Date] 15 June
[Serial No.] 18
[OKW] Warning order on adherence to arrange B-day.

[Date] from 17 June
[Serial No.] 19
[Air Force] Closing of schools in the Eastern area.
[Navy] Inconspicuous withdrawn of German merchant shipping
from Soviet Russian ports.

[Serial No.] 20
[Navy] Suspension of further outward sailings to Soviet
Russian ports. Similar measures to be suggested to the Finns
through Attache.

[Serial No.] 21
[Navy] U-boats of Group North to take up positions in the
Baltic unobserved.

[Serial No.] 22
[Air Force & Navy] Start of planned aerial reconnaissance of
the Baltic. 1st enclosure to OKM I op. 00910/41 pr 40
[Remarks] Decision on this point depending on general

[Date] till 18 June
[Serial No.] 23
[OKW] Still possible to continue forming the point of main
effort (Schwerpunkt) of the Army without discarding

[Date] 18 June
[Serial No.] 24
[Air Force] Concentration of Air Force to be concluded (less
VIII Air Corps).
[OKW] Armed Forces Commander Norway: Switch of XXXVI Corps
Groups from the Arctic Route to the East.
[Remarks] Intention to attack need no longer be camouflaged.
[Underlined and marked in red pencil]

[Serial No.] 25
[Air Force] Order for protection of Fuehrer Headquarters.

[Date] 19 June
[Serial No.] 25
[Air Force] Conclusion planned of Concentration of VIII Air

[Date] 19 June
[Serial No.] 26
[Navy] Scheduled return into home ports of the shipping
space earmarked for transports to Finland.
[Remarks] [Transcription note: These remarks span Serial No.
26 through Serial No. 28] Shortly before start of operations
[Army] To carry out the closure of traffic of waterways
which cross the frontier. [Air Force] Decree prohibiting
take off of civilian air traffic. [Navy] Decree prohibiting
merchant shipping from putting to sea from Baltic ports.
[OKW] Order for a general clamp-down on foreign intelligence
(Military Intelligence (Foreign Branch Security)).

[Date] 20 June
[Serial No.] 27
[Air Force] Conclusion planned of Concentration of VIII Air

[Date] 21 June
[Serial No.] 28
[Navy] Minelayers and Mine-carrying Craft (E-boats) make
ready for sea and put out at staggered times for their
operational harbors.

[Date] 21 June
[Serial No.] 29
[Army] Till 1300 hours latest time at which operation can be
cancelled (spaetester Anhaltetermin).
[OKW] Cancelled by codeword “Altona” or further confirmation
of start of attack by codeword: “Dortmund.”
[Remarks] Complete absence of camouflage of formation of
Army point of main effort [Schwerpunkt] (concentration of
armor & artillery) must be reckoned with.

[Date] 21/22 June
[Serial No.] 30
[Navy] Execution of the measures laid down for blocking the
Gulfs of Finland and Riga.
[Remarks] In the event of an encounter with enemy forces the
use of arms is suthorized [underlined in red pencil].

[Date] 22 June
[Serial No.] 31
[Army & Air Force] Invasion Day. H-hour for the start of the
invasion by the Army and crossing of the frontier by the Air
Force. 0830 hours.
[Remarks] Army assembly independent of any lateness in
starting owing to weather on the part of the Air Force.

[Serial No.] 32
[Army] Execution of closure of the frontiers of the German
Reich which are bounded by the Barbarossa area.
[Navy] Seizure of ships in German, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch
and Belgium ports which originate from the Barbarossa area.
[OKW] Frontiers of the Reich area and of the occupied areas
to be closed to all nationals of the Barbarossa area.
(Military Intelligence/Foreign Branch (Security)).

[Serial No.] 33
[OKW] Mountain Corps occupies Petsamo area.
[Remarks] Arctic, East Baltic, and Black Seas declared
operational zones by wireless, etc. Extension of danger zone
for mines announced (dates received by Foreign Office).

[Serial No.] 34
[OKW] Report to the Supreme Reich Authorities and Party
Offices on the successful closing of the German Reich
frontier bordering on the Barbarossa area or the rear
boundary of the operational zone (WEST/Liv).

[Serial No.] 35
[Army & Air Force] Distribution of Forces for Barbarossa on
Invasion Day: Total strength (less the formations under
command of Military Commander Norway):

80 Infantry Divisions           Air-Fleet 4 with --
1 Calvary Division              3 Reconnaissance Squadrons
12 Armored Divisions            12 Twin-engined Bomber Wings
12 Infantry Divisions           (1 temporarily)
9 Lines of Communications       6 Pursuit Wings
2 Formations of the Fifteenth   Air-Fleet 2 with--
Wave and
2 Infantry Divisions as Army    3 Reconnaissance Squadrons
(Already arrived with 4b        10 Twin-engined Bomber Wings)
                                8 Dive Bomber Wings
                                2 ME 110 Wings (Zerstoerergruppen)
                                1.5 Army Cooperation Wings
                                9 Pursuit Wings
                                Air-Fleet 1 with --
                                2 Reconnaissance Squadrons
                                9 Twin-engined Bomber Wings
                                3 2/3 Pursuit Wings (2/3 temporarily).

[Date] approx. from 25 June
[Serial No.] 36
[Army] Start of transport forward of 5th Echelon (OKH
Reserves). Duration till about 20 July. Total available: 22
Infantry Divisions, 2 Armored Divisions, 1 (Motorized)
Infantry Division.
[OKW] Sweden: Negotiations for the use of Swedish railways
for — (a) Bringing up of 163 Infantry Division from South
Norway to Rovanieni, (b) Supply transports.

[Army] 1 Police Division (Including 9 Infantry Divisions), 1
Police Division from the Est, to which it is planned to
bring up 2 formations of the Fifteenth wave.)

[OKW] Employment of a German transport organization and a
Signals Liaison Officer.

[Serial No.] 37
[OKW] Japan, Manchukuo, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan to be
prevailed upon to cut off the sending of any supplies to
Russia, by diplomacy.

[Serial No.] 38
[OKW] Armed Forces Commander Norway: 23-27 (or 28) June,
state of readiness for attack on Murmansk. 23-30 June, state
of readiness for attack on Kandalakscha.

[Serial No.] 39
[OKW] Finland: Attacking Group “Ladoga” ready to attack.
Decision necessary five days before start of attack whether
point of main effort is to be west or east of Lake Ladoga.

[Serial No.] 40
[OKW] Armed Forces Commander Norway: Attack on Murmansk.

[Serial No.] 41
[OKW] Armed Forces Commander Norway: Attack on Kandalakscha.

[Serial No.] 42
[OKW] Armed Forces Commanders Staffs ready on call.