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Partial translation of document C-37

                  IN GERMAN NAVAL WAR DIARY

(Page 30)

     4 June 1941 Conference with Head of Naval War Staff

              Plans for Operation “Barbarossa”

(1) For B-day [Translator’s note: the date laid down for the beginning
of the Operation] see File “Barbarossa” No. 60.

(2) For assurance by means of surprise air attacks against enemy
preventive measures see Armed Forces High Command Directive and Naval
War Staff’s Order to Group North, Admiral Norway, Station 0 in File
"Barbarossa” No. 61.


       13 June 1941 Area of Adiniral South-East/Aegean

* * * Admiral South-East requests Naval War Staff’s opinion on proposal
to exert pressure on Turkey to safeguard her own territorial waters
against enemy submarines; at the same time (there should be) supervision
of intelligence emanating from Turkey in violation of neutrality and
thereby encouraging British submarine activity.

                Naval War Staff concurs * * *

(Page 165)

           15 June 1941. Planning for “Barbarossa”

* * * par. c. Naval War Staff’s proposal for ruthless destruction of enemy
U-boats in the Baltic has been approved by Armed Forces High Command.
Subsequently following order to Group North and Flag Officer Cruisers.

(1) Use of weapons against Russian U-boats authorized with immediate
effect south of the line formed by the Northern edge of the Aaland mined

(2) Ruthless annihilation to be the aim.

(3) Reports of success only by means of officers' code. It is important
to state whether destruction is certain, whether enema' was able to send
out any message and whether there are any survivors. * * *

(Pages 248-249)

    21 June 1941 Conference with Head of Naval War Staff

* * * par. 2b. Head of Naval War Staff reports on a lecture given by
Reichsleiter Alfred Rosenberg to whom the Fuehrer has entrusted the task
of organizing a new civil administration in the occupied Russian
Territories. Rosenberg spoke on the historical importance of the Eastern
problem and the New Order envisaged for political relationships.
Partition of White Russia is necessary. Besides the creation of a
Greater Finland the following structure is planned:

Commissariat White Russia/Baltic States under a German High Commissioner.

Commissariat Ukraine with autonomous administration.

Commissariat Caucasus (autonomous administration).