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Translation of document C-32

                      9 SEPTEMBER 1933

                         MOST SECRET

3 copies                                                   1 Material
1st copy  [Illegible notes]

                                          Neu A II v 4212/33 Most Secret

No        Measure                 Details                 Remarks

1  Exceeding the           Number permitted: 1665  Further mines are in
   permitted number                                part
   of mines                Actual number: 3675     ordered, in part being
                           (x) should occasion     delivered.
                           this number could
                           be increased by the
                           ition of newly

2  Continuous storing of   The following guns,     Justification:
   guns from               which                   Necessity for over-
   the North Sea area for  according to the        hauling. Cheaper
   Baltic                  Versailles Treaty       repairs.
   artillery batteries.    may be removed
                           from their positions
                           for maint-
                           enance reasons only,
                           permanently stored up
                           in the
                           Baltic area:
                           3 — 30.5 cm
                           3 — 28 cm
                           68 — 15 cm
                           14 — 10.5 cm
                           8 — 8.8 cm
                           96 guns

3  Non-destruction of      Since 1919, the         Since then, the
   guns which              following guns          following guns
   could be used for new   have been newly         have been handed over
   ships and               constructed:            to the
   other new guns by the   6 — 28 cm (for         Army for scrapping:
   prepar-                 Deutschland)
   ations for new          48 — 15 cm (for         10 — 28 cm (actually
   armament.               Deutschland,            scrapped)
                                  cruiser)         8 — 21 cm
                           22 — 10.5 cm           7 — 21 cm
                           4 — 8.8 cm             25 — 15 cm
                           -----------------       8 — 10.5 cm
                           80 guns                 30 — 8.8 cm
                                                   2 — 7.02 cm
                                                   9 — 3.7 cm
                                                   A receipt was sent
                                                   from the Army
                                                   to the Naval Staff
                                                   (BW) saying
                                                   that the 99 guns have
                                                   scrapped. We know
                                                   however that
                                                   the guns were not
                                                   scrapped. As
                                                   this is so, the
                                                   question is settled
                                                   as far as the Navy is

4  Deviation from the      When the change in      A transfer conditioned
   places                  armament                by
   settled by the Entente  took place, the         modernization, to
   for the                 following               avoid firing
   disposition of coastal  batteries were not set  damage and to gain a
   batteries.              up in                   clear
                           exactly the places      field of fire. Coronel
                           laid down by            has been set
                           the Entente.            up within the battery
                                                   area, the
                                                   other 3 batteries
                                                   outside it. A
                           Coronal, Borkum (4 —    small point, Coastal
                           28 cm)                  fortifications
                           Grosser Kurfust,        are purely defense
                           Pillau (3 — 28 cm)      When the equality of
                                                   rights has
                           Graf Dohna,             been recognized,
                                                   discussion of
                           Pillau (3 — 17 cm)      this question is
                           v. Hermann,
                           Pillau (2 — 8.8 cm)

5  Laying gun-platforms    Gun-platforms for the   Flak defense is purely
   for artillery           following               a defense
   batteries and storing   artillery Flak          measure.
   Flak am-                batteries have been
   munition in Borkum,     laid or are being
   Sylt,                   constructed in
   Nordeny, where no Flak  positions not allowed
                           by the
   batteries have been     Entente:
                             8 in Pillau
                             7 in Swinemuende
                             2 in Bug
                             2 in Next
                             1 in Borkum

6  Laying gun-platforms    The following gun-      The offense over and
   in the Kiel             platforms have          above that
   area.                   been laid or are being  in Serial number 3
                                                   lies in the fact
                           constructed in the      that all
                           Kiel area for           fortifications are
                           artillery Flak          in the Kiel area. This
                           batteries:              justification
                             2 completed           will make it less
                                                   severe; pure
                             4 in construction     defense measures.

7  Exceeding the calibre   v.d. Goreben            Possible justification
   permitted                                       is that,
   for coastal batteries     3 — 17 cm in place    though the calibre is
                                                   larger, the
                             6 — 15 cm       of    number of guns is
                           Graf Dohna
                             3 — 17 cm in place
                             6 — 15 cm       of

8  Arming the              The arming of the mine- The reply to any
   Minesweepers            sweepers                remonstrance
                           of the 1st and 2nd      against this breach:
                           mine-sweeping           the guns are
                           half flotillas. The     taken from the Fleet
                           armaments               reserve
                           consist of:             stores, have been
                             1 — 10.5              installed only for
                                                   training purposes.
                             1 — MG C/30           All nations arm their
                                                   sweeping forces
                                                   (equality of

9  Arming of 6 E-boats     The boats have MG C/30  Reply to the question:
   and 8 Motor             E-boats                 arming:
   mine sweepers           are also equipped with  Only temporary for
                           torpedos.               training and
                                                   experimental purposes.

10 Setting up practice     Several practice Flak   The practice Flak
   Flak                    batteries               batteries stand
   batteries               have been set up for    on provisional gun-
                           training                platforms so
                           purposes in positions   that the character of
                           where,                  the
                           according to the        temporary measure may
                           Versailles              be
                           Treaty, they are not    retained. Training of
                           allowed.                personnel
                                                   purely as a defense

11 Salute battery          The battery should be   Purely a defense
   Friedrichsort.          equipped                measure.
                           only with 7.7 cm field
                           rendered un-
                           serviceable it has
                           however, 4 8.8 cm A/A
                           quite ready for use.

12 Exceeding the amount    The permitted total     At the present moment;
   of                      amt. of                 large
   allowed ammunition.     ammunition has been     quaintities of
                           exceeded                ammunition are in
                           to the following        part being produced,
                           extent:                 in part being
                                                   delivered so that the
                                                   total amount
                                            Actual of ammunition
                                         permitted permitted will also
                           17 cm        16700      soon be exceeded. To
                           14600                   the
                           15 cm        90000      question: Ammunition
                           85600                   for heavy
                           10.5 cm     87000       artillery is not so
                           134000                  much as allowed.
                           88 cm      166000       The contingents of
                           164000                  material stocks
                           6 cm            3600    were not fixed in any
                           8600                    of the
                           3.7 cm       63500      agreements and
                           118000                  suggestions for
                                             ----  Naval disarmament
                           ----------------------  already made.
                                           426000  Equality of rights.
                           The numbers are given
                           in round
                           figures. The
                           ammunition for
                           heavy artillery has
                           not been in-
                           cluded as in this case
                           the actual
                           amount is less than
                           the amount

13 Exceeding the number     Permitted       Actual Can be made light of.
   machine guns etc.       (1) m/g's
   permitted               656              954
                           (2) rifles
                           10233           18133
                           (3) pistols
                           3483            5553
                           (4) gas-masks 22500
                           The actual amount of
                           ammunition, side-arms,
                           grenades, search-
                           lights, smoke
                           apparti, etc. likewise
                           exceed the
                           amount permitted but
                           not to any
                           considerable extent.

14 Obtaining 337 m/g C/30  112 m/g C/30 have       It devolves into a
   without                 already been            question of
   scrapping equally       delivered. They are     detonators. Otherwise
   serviceable             counted as              it is a small
   weapons.                machine guns. The       matter. Weapons for a
                           corres-                 purely
                           ponding number of       defensive measure (air
                           m/g’s has not,          defense).
                           however, been
                           destroyed. The
                           existence of 2 cm
                           with detonators is in
                           itself a
                           breach of the Hague

   Intended:               As the term “exempt     For the present, the
                           ships” has              armament
15 Arming of U-Boat depot- not yet been applied    should not be mounted.
   ships                   to Germany,
16 Arming of E-boat depot- this arming is a
   ships                   breach of the
                           Versailles Treaty.

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17 Intended construction   The question of         Not to be settled
   of reserve              reserve ships           until further
   destroyers of 1850      has not yet been        notice. If necessary,
   tons.                   settled in our          it could be
                           favour. Under the       declared that,
                           Macdonald               according to the
                           plan, the construction  Macdonald plan, it
                           and                     would be
                           tonnage would be        possible and that we
                           justifiable.            had agreed
                                                   to this plan.

18 Consturction of U-boat                          Difficult to detect.
   parts                                           If necessary
                                                   can be denied.

19 Intended construction                           Not to be settled
   of a large                                      until further
   armoured ship.                                  notice. On the other
                                                   hand, it must
                                                   be established that
                                                   the possibilities
                                                   of the Versailles
                                                   Treaty have not
                                                   yet been fully

20 Arming of fishing                               For warning shots.
   vessels                                         Make little of it.

21 Arrangement for Gebr,   Together with the       These firms are
   Thiel                   Army.                   permissible. The
   G.m.b.H. — Ruhla to                             list has been
   undertake                                       superceded in any
   the further                                     case by the exclusion
   manufacture of                                  of firms,
   mechanized detonators.                          etc. To be made light
   Holding                                         of.
   ready separate parts,
   ism, tools for the
   work, so that
   time required for
   starting work
   is shortened.

22 Arranging for the       Together with the       These firms are
   Westfaelisch-           Army.                   permissible. The
   Anhaltische                                     list has been
   Sprengstoffabrik                                superceded in any
   A.G. (Wasag).                                   case by the exclusion
   Reinsdorf to                                    of firms, etc.
   undertake the further                           To be made light of.
   facture of explosives.

23 Arranging for Julius    Together with the       This firm is permitted
   Pintsch A.G.            Army.                   only for
   Fuerstenwalde (Spree)                           torpedo tubes and air
   to under-
   take the production of                          compressors. The list
   mine                                            has been
   shells.                                         superceded in any case
                                                   by the
                                                   exclusion of firms,
                                                   etc. To be
                                                   made light of.

24 Incorporation of the    According to the list   The list has been
   firm Kuhl-              of firms, K.            superceded in
   mann, Wilhelmshaven in  is not permissible.     any case by the
   the                                             exclusion of firms,
   work of manufacturing                           etc. To be made light
   discharge                                       of.
   opening cases.

25 Arranging for Fried.    Also not permissible.
   Krupp Gru-
   sonwerk A.G. Magdeburg
   to un-
   dertake the
   manufacture of Flak
   shells, Flak gun
   barrles, 2 cm to
   10.5 cm Holding ready
   materials, mechanisms,
   tools for
   the work so that the
   time re-
   quired for starting
   work may be

26 Arranging for the       Also not permissible.
   Stahlwerke A.G.,
   werk Groeditz to
   undertake the
   manufacture of Flak
   Holding ready part-
   mechanisms, tools for
   the work
   so that the time
   required for
   starting work may be

27 Arranging for A.G.      Also not permissible.
   Elbe to undertake the
   facture of explosives.

28 Arranging for           The measure can be      Together with the
   Maschinenfabrik         opposed as              Army.
   Augsburg-Nurnberg       a whole as a
   A.G.,                   preparation for
   Augsburg Works to       mobilization.
   the mass production of
   types, essential for
   purposes. Holding
   ready part-
   material, mechanisms,
   tools for
   the work so that the
   required for starting
   work may
   be shortened.

29 Preparations in the
   sphere of
   motor experimental
                                                               [Page 842]

30 Probably in the near future (up to and including 1934) the
   serious breaches will be necessary:

   (1) Continuation of the work in A I, 1-3.
   (2) Continuation of the work in No. 21,22.
   (3) Continuation of the work in 24, 25, 26,
   27, further work by
   Fried. Krupp Grusonwerk A.G. in the production
   of complete guns.
   (4) Expansion of the Work in 24-28 to include
   armament spheres.

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                  Appendix to AII v 4212/33 MOST SECRET
                               MOST SECRET
                       II Measure of Organization
No         Measure                Details                 Remarks

1  Methodical preparatory  Relevant                Can be regarded as a
   work in                 correspondence and      natural
   preparation for         appropriate allotting   measure to take, with
   mobilization.           of personnel            reference
                           (G.A.F. employees).     to the equality of
                           The same                rights.
                           applies to the Army.

2  Creating a camouflage   The same with the
   system of               Army.

3  Negotiations with the   The same with the
   civil author-           Army.
   ities and the           The Army is taking the
   responsible part to     lead.
   be taken by them in
   the prepar-
   ation for

4  Creating groups and     The same with the
   departments             Army.
   of the military
   authorities, which
   are concerned solely
   with the
   preparations for

                                                               [Page 844]

5  Exceeding the           From 1 June 33 approx.  In the navy, however,
   permitted number        1500                    the number
   of active personnel by  persons. From 1 Jan 34  of officers is at the
   the                     approx.                 moment far
   measures of             2300 persons. The army  below the officer
   reconstruction.                                 quota given in
                           accordingly.            the Versailles Treaty.

6  Inclusion of units of   The same with the
   the Armed               Army.
   Forces in planned
   for the defense of the
   Reich, by
   the appropriate
   measures of
   organization and

7  Training outside the    Training                With arms
   Armed                   establishments in
   Forces for the purpose  Pillau, Wangerooge,
   creating a reserve of   Swinemuende, Schillig,
   leaders and
   sub-leaders, also the   Neustadt,
   correspond-             Wilhelmshaven,
   ing young replacements  Kiel, Borkum
   and a
   specialist reserve.     In the large towns of   Without arms
                           the Reich
                           outside the
                           demilitarized zone.

8  Creating a replacement  Imminent (Army)
                           (started on
   organization.           1 Oct. 33).

9  Creating an L-officers  In camouflaged form
   corps.                  the same
                           with the Army

                                                               [Page 845]

10 Nominal and
   statistical roll of
   reserve personnel.

11 Professorships of       In connection with the  Lectures by active
   military                Reich                   officers.
   science                 Ministry of Military
                           Same with the Army.

12 Determining the         In cooperation with
   production              the Army.
   capacity of the war-

13 Preparations on paper   In cooperation with
   for                     the Army.
   making full use of the
   essential industries
   in case of

14 Perparations for the    In cooperation with
   supply or-              the Army.
   ganization of the
   Armed Forces
   in War.