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Translation of document C-30

                         MOST SECRET

                    C. O. Air/Sea Forces

                “Transportubueng Stolpmuende”


            C. O. Air/Sea Forces — Order No. 3.

Occupation of the German Free State of Danzig on … (Y-day)

I. The Fuehrer and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces has ordered the
reunion of the German Free State of Danzig with
the Greater German Reich. The Armed Forces must occupy the Danzig Free
State immediately in order to protect the German population. There will
be no hostile intention on the part of Poland so long as the occupation
takes place without the force of arms.

II. How the occupation is to be effected.

a. The Army will enter the Danzig Free State with troop units from East
Prussia, in order to occupy and defend the Polish frontiers.

Until the town of Danzig is reache — the advance, unhindered, is
expected about — o'clock (Y+16 hours), — the Danzig police, supported
by the population, will hold and defend the town.

b. The Air Force, will support the army by the employment of air-borne
troops in Danzig and will defend Danzig territory against the Polish

c. The Navy will defend the bay of Danzig against Polish forces, at the
same time protecting the mouth of the Weichsel at Schiewenhorst and
Neufahr against the penetration of Polish Light forces and auxiliary
vessels. It will afford protection and support to the German population,
by entering the Neufahr waters and Danzig, and defend the westerplatte
which belongs to the Polish armed forces installation. * * *

                                                            Sgd. Cooler.