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Partial translation of document C-27


 (See the report of the meeting in War diary, Part C, Vol. 7
  KTB Teil C. Heft 7 — for separate items of the meeting)

Special points:

1. Reference to the necessity of attacks by the G.A.F. on trade traffic
in the Downs (as it is under the Command and protection of the British
Navy) C-in-C, G.A.F. will obtain the Fuehrer’s decision in his own time.
The Fuehrer, in agreement with Chief of the Naval War Staff, considers
it necessary to give previous warning to the neutrals.

2. The Fuehrer confirms the intention of making a proclamation at the
time of a general intensification of the War. The Chief of the Naval War
Staff requests that full power be given to the Naval War Staff in making
any intensification suited to the situation and to means of war. The
Fuehrer fundamentally agrees to the sinking without warning of Greek
ships in the American prohibited area and of neutral ships in those
sections of the American prohibited area in which the fiction of mine-
danger can be upheld, e.g. the Bristol Channel.

The Fuehrer is reserving the publication of the law in reply to the
order in council until the moment of the intensification of the war.

3. The considerate treatment of friendly neutrals is to be continued.

4. The Fuehrer agrees that no guarantee can be given to the Italians,
that their trade traffic with Britain may be carried on with safety,
owing to mining.