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Partial translation of document C-23

[Translation of an extract from an unnamed, unnumbered German
 Navy file containing notes year by year from 1927 — 1940 on
           the reconstruction of the German Navy.]

A — 21 — 1
            Questions of Type, Shipbuilding Plan.

Berlin, 18.2.1938
Copy No. 2.
M to Head, of Office A


The displacement of the battleships “Scharnhorst-Gneisenau” and “F/G” is
in both cases greater than has been notified to the British.


            Length  Beam   Displacement by Type        Draught
                             actual    notified    actual  notified
Scharnhors  226.0   30.0   — 31.300 ts 26.000 ts    8.55     7.50
"F”         241.0   36.0   — 41.700 ts 35.000 ts    8.69     7.90
"H I”       254.0   41.0   — 56.200 ts 46.850 ts    9.60     8.40
or “H II”   254.0   41.0   — 56.200 ts 45.000 ts    9.60     8.15
or “H III”  254.0   41.0   -056.200 ts 43.000 ts    9.60     7.85

                                                              [Page 828]

In the opinion of A IV it would under no circumstances be right to
notify a larger tonnage than that which for instance England, Russia or
Japan will probably publish shortly, in order that we may not be held
responsible for a race in armaments.



Shipbuilding Plans.         BZ 221              Vol. 5
S. 5

    COPY                                       Copy No- 2

Berlin, 8.3.1938.

General Navy Office to M (Chief of Staff with request to bring to the
attention of the C-in-C Navy).

                                                              BB 6207/38

Subject: Address by C in C Navy to Directors of Shipbuilding Yards.

* * * It is proposed to make a statement something after the following

     “In a very roughly outlined programme of new ship construction the
     Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor has set the Navy the task of providing
     him by a given time with the means of power which he needs for the
     carrying out of his foreign policy * * *.”


A     24     — 2

                     Planning Committee.


Copy No. 2.

Admiral and C-in-C Fleet

Tender “Hela” September 1938

                         Most Secret

Opinion on the “Draft Study of Naval Warfare against England”

A. There is full agreement with the main theme of the study.

1. If according to the Fuehrer’s decision Germany is to acquire a
position as a world power she needs not only sufficient colonial
possessions but also secure naval communications and secure access to
the ocean.

2. Both requirements can only be fulfilled in opposition to Anglo-French
interests and would limit. their position as world powers. It is
unlikely that they can be achieved by peaceful means. The decision to
make Germany a world power therefore forces upon us the necessity of
making the corresponding preparations for war.

3. War against England means at the same time war against the Empire,
against France, probably against Russia as well as

                                                              [Page 829]

large number of countries overseas, in fact against ½ to 1/3 of the
whole world.

It can only be justified and have a chance of success if it is prepared
economically as well as politically and militarily and waged with the
aim of conquering for Germany an outlet to the ocean.