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Translation of document C-5


                         MOST SECRET

To: Supreme Command of the Navy-Naval War Staff / 1st Div.
No written reference
Subject: Base in Norway

I. Suppositions:

     a. A position outside the Shetlands-Norway Straits
     b. Freedom from ice
     c. Rail communications

These suppositions apply only to Trondheim and Narvik.

II. Advantages and Disadvantages:

     1. Trondheim:


               a. Position within the fiord which is unaffected by
               artillery action from the sea.
               b. Deep water in the entry channels — difficult for the
               enemy to mine in their mining operations.
               c. Existence of several entry and exit routes.
               d. Protected areas directly in front of the harbor for
               exercises and entry.
               e. Southern position: i.e. short lines of communications
               to Germany, better climatic conditions, shorter route to
               the Atlantic.
               f. Basins which, according to the North Sea Handbook and
               instructions of the Navy Office at Hamburg, are suitable
               for U-boats.
               g. Several industrial installations which facilitate the
               constructions of repair — and supply installations.


               Short distance from the bases of the British Air Force --
               danger of air attack.

     2. Narvik:


               a,b,c,d, the same conditions as Trondheim
               e. Greater distance from the British bases — less danger
               of air attack.


               a. Northern position: Long lines of communication to
               Germany, unfavorable climatic conditions, longer routes
               to the Atlantic.

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               b. Communications only with the Baltic — The Gulf of
               Bothnia is not free from ice.
               c. No basins, quay-installations only in the bay.
               d. Very few industrial installations.

Trondheim is therefore the more favorable place.

III. The following is therefore proposed:

     1. Establishment of a base in Trondheim, including:

          a. Possibility of supplying fuel, compressed air, oxygen,

          b. Repair opportunities for overhaul work after an encounter.

          c. Good opportunities for accommodating U-boat crews.

          d. Flak protection, L.A. armament, petrol and M/S units.

     2. Establishment of the possibility of supplying fuel in Narvik as
     an alternative.

Sgd. Doenitz.