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Translation of document 3901-PS


November 1932

Your Excellency;
Much Esteemed Herr Reich President:

Filled, like your Excellency, with profound love for the German people and the fatherland, the undersigned welcome hopefully the fundamental change which your Excellency has initiated in the conduct of state affairs. We agree with your Excellency on the necessity of a government run independently from parliamentary party matters; the ideas which your Excellency formulated with regard to a Presidial Cabinet bring this thought into the open.

The outcome of the Reichstag elections of November 6 of this year had demonstrated that the former cabinet, whose sincere intentions no one among the German people doubted, did not find adequate support within the German people for the pursuit of its course; it also demonstrated that the goal at which your Excellency is aiming has the support of a full majority of the German people if we — as we should — exclude the Communist party whose attitude is negative to the State. Not only the Black-White-Red party and its related smaller groups, but the National Socialist German Workers Party as well are fundamentally opposed to the former parliamentary party regime; thereby they have agreed to the aim of your Excellency. We consider this result extremely gratifying and cannot imagine that the realization of the goal should now founder at the maintenance of ineffective methods.

It is evident that an oft-repeated dissolution of the Reichstag with increasingly frequent and sharpening elections would not only be detrimental to a political pacification and solidity but to an economic one as well. It is equally clear, however, that any constitutional change which is not supported by the broad masses would elicit even worse economic, political, and psychical results. We therefore consider it a moral duty to ask your Excellency respectfully that, in order to attain the goals of your Excellency which all of us support, the reorganization of the Reich Cabinet be carried out in a manner which would line up the greatest possible popular force behind it.

We confess to be free of any narrow party-political attitude. We recognize in the national movement which penetrates our people the promising beginning of an era which, through overcoming of class contrasts only now creates the essential basis for a rebirth of German economy. We know that this rebirth will claim many sacrifices yet. We believe that these sacrifices can be made willingly only when the largest group of this national movement receives a leading share in government.

Entrusting the leader of the largest national group with the responsible leadership of a Presidential Cabinet which harbors the best technical and personal forces will eliminate the blemishes and mistakes with which any mass movement is perforce afflicted; it will incite millions of people who today are still standing apart, to a positive effort.

With full confidence in the wisdom of your Excellency and your Excellency’s feeling of solidarity with the people, we greet your Excellency with the most profound respect.

Signed:      Signed:        Signed:     Signed:       Signed:

Helferich    Schacht        Hecker      Tischbein     Kalkreuth
Krogmann     Reinhart       Voegler     Jaenicke      von Oppen
R. Slomann   Schroeder      Rosterg     Rob. Bosch    Keudell
Witthoeft    Fink           Silverberg  Ullrich       Rabethge
Cuno         Kurt Eich-     Theyssen    Luebbert      Wenzel
Kiep          born          Reusch      Beidorff of.  Keyserling
Albert                      Haniel      Reindorff
Much                        Krupp       Wentzky
Kurt Woer-                  Siemens
 mann                       Springorum

Krogmann         Schmitt [?] B      Ullrich R
Helferich        Thyssen Sch        Rabethge
Schacht          Reusch [?] Sch     Wenzel
Reinhart         Veegler [?]        Krupp
Schroeder        Haniel [?] Sch     Brandes
Hecker           Rob. Boscsh [?] K
Rosterg          Fink [?] B
R. Slomann H.    Kalkreuth B
Witthoeft H.     v. Lussinch x
Cuno-Kiep H.     v. Oppen B
Albert (Hecker)  Eichborn R
Silverberg       Merck H
Tischbein        Leubbert B
Jaenicke         v. Keudell B

          Copy from scratch paper

Helferich       Kecker
Krogmann        Voegler
R. Slomann      Rosterg
Witthoeft       Silverberg
Cuno            Thyssen
Kiep            Reusch
Albert          Haniel
Much            Krupp
Kurt Woermann   Siemens
Schacht         Springorum
Reinhart        Tischbein
Schroeder       Jaenicke
Fink            Rob. Bosch
Kurt Eichborn   Ullrich
                Beirdorff oder Reindorff
                Wentzky (name schlecht leserlich)
                von Oppen