The Holocaust Historiography Project

Copy of document 3840-PS

Before me, Major Luke P. Rogers, being authorized to administer oaths,
personally appeared Karl Kaleske, who, being duly sworn, through the
interpreter, made and subscribed the following statement:

My name is Karl Kaleske. I was Adjutant to Doctor yon Sammern-Frankenegg
from November 1942 until April 1943, while he was SS and Polizeifuehrer
of Warsaw. I then was Adjutant to SS and Polizeifuehrer Stroop until
August. 1943. The action against the Warsaw ghetto was planned while von
was SS and Polizeifuehrer. General Stroop took over the command on the
day of the commencement of the action. The function of the Security
Police during the action against the Warsaw ghetto was to accompany the
SS troops. A certain number of SS troops were assigned the task to clear
a certain street. With every SS group there were from four to six
Security policemen, because they knew the ghetto very well. These
Security policemen were under Doctor Hahn, Commander of the Security
Police for Warsaw. Hahn received his orders not from the SS and
Polizeifuehrer of Warsaw, but directly from Kaltenbrunner in Berlin.
This pertains not only to the ghetto action but to all matters.
Frequently Doctor Hahn came to our office and told the SS and
Polizeifuehrer that he had received such and such an order from
Kaltenbrunner about the contents of which he wanted to inform the SS and
Polizeifuehrer. He would not do this with every order, but only with
certain ones.

I remember the case of three hundred foreign Jews who had been collected
in the Polski Hotel by the Security Police. At the end of the ghetto
action, Kaltenbrunner ordered the Security Police to transport these
people away.

During my time in Warsaw the Security Police had been in charge of
matters concerning the underground. The Security Police handled these
matters independently of the SS and Polizeifuehrer, and received its
orders from Kaltenbrunner in Berlin. When the leader of the underground
in Warsaw was captured in June or July 1943, he was flown directly to
Kaltenbrunner in Berlin.

I have read the statement over and I have understood it completely. I
have made the statement freely and without compulsion. I swear before
God that this statement is in accordance with the full truth.

                                                   [Signed] Karl Kaleske

Subscribed and sworn to before me at Wiesbaden. Germany, on this 24th
day of February 1946.

[Signed] Luke P. Rogers
Major CMP
Investigating officer