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Translation of document 3803-PS

                Office of the Judge Advocate
                     APO 777, U.S. Army

                                                           15 March 1946

SUBJECT: Letter of Transmittal

T0: Office of United States Chief of Counsel, Nurnberg APO 163, U.S.

1. Transmitted herewith original letter of Kaltenbrunner, and letter of
transmittal from Mayor of Vienna.

2. For your information, Bleschke is presently confined at Camp Marcus
W. Orr, Salzburg, Austria.

                   FOR THE JUDGE ADVOCATE:

                                                     ARTHUR T. RATCLIFFE
                                                              Major JAGD
                                                     Asst Judge Advocate
Telephone VIENNA A-20472
Copy to Judge Advocate General, War Crimes Branch,

                                            Vienna, on the 11 March 1946

Mayor of the City of Vienna:
To the Legal Division USFA:

                                             Vienna IX, Otto Wagnerplatz

I permit myself to refer to you a letter of the former Chef of the
Sicherheitspolice and of the SD, Dr. Kaltenbrunner to Blaschke, the
former mayor of the city of Vienna, with the request to transmit same to
the court at Nurnberg. This letter was found in the files of the
Viennese City Hall and is in my opinion an important document of proof
for the war criminal case at Nurnberg. I transmit this letter to you
since Nurnberg lies in the American occupied zone.

A copy of this letter goes at the same time to the minister of Justice,
Dr. Geroe.

                                         The mayor of the city of Vienna
                                                              s/ KOERNER

                                                              [Page 738]

Chief of the Security Police and of the SD
IV A 4b-3433/42g (1446)
(In reply refer to above and date)

                                              Berlin SW 68, 30 June 1944
                                                Prinz-Albrecht Strasse 8
                                                     Telephone: 12 00 40
                      Immediate action

TO: Buergermeister of the City of Vienna, SS Brigadefuehrer Blaschke,

SUBJECT: A,signment of Labor Force to War essential work in the city of
RE: Your letter of 7 June 1944

Dear Blaschke!

For the special reasons cited by you I have in the meantime given orders
to ship several evacuation transports to Vienna/Strasshof. SS Brigadier
Dr. Dellbruegge had, as a matter of fact, already written to me
concerning this same matter.

At the present 4 shipments with approx. 12,000 Jews are pending. They
should reach Vienna within the next few days.

According to previous experience it is estimated that 30% of the
transport will consist of Jews able to work (approx. 3,600 in this case)
who can be utilized for the work in question, whereby it shall be
understood that they are subject to he removed at any time. It is
obvious that only a well guarded, enclosed place of work and a secured
camplike billeting arrangement can be utilized and this is an absolute
prerequisite for making these Jews available. Women unable to work and
children of these Jews who all are kept in readiness for special action
[Sonderaktion], and therefore one day will be removed again, have to
stay in the guarded camp also during the day.

Please discuss further details with the State police Headquarters in
Vienna, SS Obersturmbannfuehrer Dr. Ebner and SS Obersturmbannfuehrer
Krumey from the Special Action Command Hungary [Son dereinsatzkommando
Ungarn] who at the present happens to be in Vienna.

I hope that these transports will be of help to you in carrying out
these urgent work details of yours.

                                                            Heil Hitler!
                                             (signed) Your Kaltenbrunner