The Holocaust Historiography Project

Translation of document 3762-PS

I, Kurt Becher, formerly a colonel in the SS, born 12 September 1909, at
Hamburg, declare the following under oath:

Between the middle of September and October 1944 I caused the
Reichsfuehrer SS Himmler to issue the following order, which I received
in two originals, one each for SS Generals [Obergruppenfuehrer]
Kaltenbrunner and Pohl, and a carbon copy for myself:

     “Effective immediately I forbid any liquidation of Jews and order
     that, on the contrary, hospital care [pflege] should be given to
     weak and sick persons. I hold you (and here Kaltenbrunner and Pohl
     were meant) personally responsible even if this order should not be
     strictly adhered to by lower echelons.”

I personally took Pohl’s copy to him at his office in Berlin and left
the copy for Kaltenbrunner at his office in Berlin.

In my opinion Kaltenbrunner and Pohl bear the full responsibility after
this date for any further killings of Jewish prisoners. When visiting
the Concentration Camp Mauthausen on 27 April 1945 at 9:00 a.m. I was
told under the seal of strictest secrecy by the Commandant in the Camp,
SS Colonel Ziereis, that “Kaltenbrunner gave me the order that at least
a thousand persons have still to die at Mauthausen each day.”

The facts mentioned above are true. This declaration is made by me
voluntarily and without coercion. I read through them, signed them, and
confirmed the statement with my oath.

                                       Oberursel, the Sth of March 1946.
                                                    [signed] Kurt Becher
                                      Kurt Becher, SS Colonel in Reserve

Subscribed to and sworn before us at Oberursel, Germany this 8th day of
March 1946.

                                              [signed] Richard A. Gutman
                                          Richard A. Gutman, lst Lt. AUS
                                                 [signed] Kurt L. Ponger
                                             T/e Kurt L. Ponger 32968282