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Copy of document 3725-PS

      DR. HJALMAR SCHACHT on 20 July, 1945 at 2:45 p.m.
          at “Dustbin". Interrogator: C.J. Hynning

[Pages 23 and 24]

Q. When did you next see Goering?

A. He invited me to a party at his house for the first of
January 1931, where I met Hitler.

Q. Did you meet anybody else?

A. At that party Fritz Thyssen was also present, and that
evening Hitler made a long speech, for almost two hours,
although the company was a small one.

Q. Was that a monologue?

A. An entire monologue and everything that he said was
reasonable and moderate that night.

Q. What did he say?

A. He elaborated his program as it was outlined more
extensively in his book.

A. And in the party platform?

A. Yes, also the party platform. But the platform is very
short and brief, it is not so full of general phrases.

Q. Where there any prominent officers present?

A. No.

Q. Any industrialists like Fritz Thyssen?

A. No.

Q. What was your impression at the end of that evening?

A. I thought that Hitler was a man with whom one could co-

Q. Did you think he was a man of the future and that you had
to deal with him as a man of the future?

A. Well, I could not know that at the time.

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Q. Did you think it desirable to join the Nazi Party at that

A. I can’t tell you as to that time, but if his ideas, which
he developed that night, were backed by a big party, as it
seemed to be, I think that one could join that group for
public purposes.

[Pages 27 and 28]

Q. Let us then direct our attention to February and March
1933. I have been told by Goering and by Funk and Baron von
Schnizler and also by Thyssen, that there was a meeting held
in the house of Goering of certain prominent German
industrialists at which you were also present in 1933. This
was after Hitler became chancellor but before the elections
that spring. Hitler came into the meeting and made a short
speech and left. Then, according to the testimony of Funk,
you passed the hat. You asked the industrialists to support
the Nazi Party financially to the tune of approximately
7,8,9 or 10 million marks. Do you recall that?

A. I recall that meeting very well. And I have answered the
same question to Major Tilley. It must be one of my former
memorandums or in the hearings done by Major Tilley. As far
as I remember, the meeting was not in Goering’s house, but
in some hotel room I think, or some other more public room.
After Hitler had made his speech the old Krupp von Bohlen
answered Hitler and expressed the unanimous feeling of the
industrialists to support Hitler. After that I spoke for the
financial part only, not on political principles or
intentions. And the amount which I collected was 3 million
marks. The apportionment amongst the industrialists was made
not by me but by they themselves and the payments afterwards
were made to the bank of Delbruck Schickler. The books will
certainly show the amounts which were paid in and which went
to the party. I had nothing to do with that account. I just
played the role of cashier or financial treasurer at the
meeting itself.