The Holocaust Historiography Project

Copy of document 3724-PS


    Testimony of Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht taken at
       “Dustbin", July 11, 1945, 1050 by C.J. Hynning.

[Pages 6 and 7]

Q. What were the differences between you and Hitler in 1937
when you left the Ministry of Economics?

A. He had put Goering in command of the economy --
everything. He also wanted to command over the affairs of
the Ministry of Economics. I was opposed to that. I objected
to that and asked my dismissal.

Q. Did you ask for a dismissal?

A. I asked for a resignation for dismissal. He had to
dismiss me. I had asked for that. I told him that I did not
want to conduct that ministry under the order of Goering.

                                                  [Page 464]

Q. What month was that?

A. August 1937. I think beginning of August `37. It took me
two and a half months to get my resignation.

Q. Goering was appointed chief of Four Year Plan in October
1936. Your disagreement arose approximately one year later.

A. Nine months later — July 1937.