The Holocaust Historiography Project

Copy of document 3721-PS


     Testimony of Fritz Sauckel, taken at Nurnberg,
     Germany, 10:30 to 12:10, 22 September 1945, by
     John J. Monigan, Jr., Major, CAC, USCC. Also
     present: Jesse F. Landrum, Capt., AGD, Court
     Reporter, and T/5 Gunter Kosse, Interpreter.

[Page 10]

Q. Would the Central Planning Commission, in their outline
of workers to be provided for agriculture and for Speer and
for Milch’s industries, etc., just give you the numbers of
workers which they required, or would you get the allocation
of the workers, too, say panzers and machine guns, and so
on, from the Central Planning Commission?

A. In general, I always got the numbers for the sections in
large but except for Speer who always demanded individual
numbers of workers for all agricultural works or mining
industries; in other words, Speer always demanded a certain
amount of workers for each work.

Q. Except for Speer, they would give the requirements in
general for the broad field, but in Speer’s work you would
get them allocated by industry, and so on, is that right?

A. The others I only got whatever was left, because Speer
told me once in the presence of the Fuehrer that I am here
to work for Speer and that mainly I am his man; ***