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Translation of document 3716-PS


As far as I know, the SD Combat Groups with the individual
army groups were completely subordinate to them, that is to
say tactically as well as in every other way. The commanders-
in-chief were therefore thoroughly cognizant of the missions
and operational methods of these units. They approved of
these missions and operational methods because apparently
they never opposed them. The fact that prisoners, such as
Jews, agents, and commissars, who were handed over to the SD
underwent the same cruel death, as victims of so-called
"purifications,” is a proof that the executions had their
approval. This also corresponded with what the highest
political and military authorities wanted. These methods
were frequently mentioned, of course, in my presence at the
OKW and OKH, and they were condemned by most SS and police
officers, just as they were condemned by most army officers.
On such occasions I always pointed out that it would have
been quite within the scope of the authority of the
commanders-in-chief of army groups to oppose such methods. I
am of the firm conviction that an energetic and unified
protest by all field marshals would have resulted in a
change of these missions and methods. If they should ever
assert that they would then have been succeeded by even more
ruthless commanders-in-chief, this, in my opinion, would be
a foolish and even cowardly dodge.

                                         [signed] ERNST RODE


Before me, Walter H. Rapp, Captain, Cavalry, ASN O-454231,
an officer duly qualified to take oaths, appeared Ernst
Rode, Major General of Police and Waffen-SS, to me known,
who in my presence signed the foregoing “Erklaerung”
(statement) consist-

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ing of one page in the German language and swore that the
same was true on the 30th day of November 1945.

                                     [signed] Walter H. Rapp
                                              WALTER H. RAPP
                                                Captain, CAV