The Holocaust Historiography Project

Translation of document 3714-PS


During my period of service in 1942/3 as chief of staff of
the 4th Army of the Central Army Group, SD units were
attached in the beginning, apparently for the purpose of
counterintelligence activity in front-line areas. It was
clear that these SD units
were causing great disturbances among the local civilian
population with the result that my commanding officer
therefore asked the commander-in-chief of the army group,
Field Marshal von Kluge, to order the SD units to clear out
of the front-line areas, which took place immediately. The
reason for this first and foremost was that the excesses of
the SD units by way of execution of Jews and other persons
assumed such proportions as to threaten the security of the
Army in its combat areas because of the aroused civilian
populace. Although in general the special tasks of the SD
units were well known and appeared to be carried out with
the knowledge of the highest military authorities, we
opposed these methods as far as possible, because of the
danger which existed for our troops.

                                          [signed] ROETTIGER

City of Nurnberg SS

Before me, Walter H. Rapp, Captain, Cavalry, ASN 0-454231,
an officer duly qualified to take oaths, appeared General
Hans Roettiger, to me known, who in my presence signed the
foregoing statement consisting of one page in the German
language, and swore that the same was true on 28 November

                                     [signed] Walter H. Rapp
                                              WALTER H. RAPP
                                                Captain, CAV