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Translation of document 3688-PS

U.St.S.-D.Nr. 6862

                            I have instructions [in longhand
                                           and unidentified]
                                   Berlin, 24 September 1942


The RAM (Reich Foreign Minister) has instructed me today by
telephone to hasten as much as possible the evacuation of
Jews from different countries in Europe since it is certain
that Jews incite against us everywhere and must be made
responsible for acts of sabotage and attacks. After a short
lecture on the evacuations now in process in Slovakia,
Croatia, Rumania and the occupied territories, the RAM has
ordered that we are to approach the Bulgarian, Hungarian and
Danish Governments with the goal of getting the evacuation
started in these countries.

In respect to the regulation of the Jewish question in
Italy, the RAM has reserved further steps to himself. This
question is to be discussed personally either at a
conference between the Fuehrer and the Duce or between the
RAM and Count Ciano.


     Mr. State Secretary v. Weizsaecker
     presented to you with request to acknowledge it. Any
     steps to be taken by us will be presented to you in
     advance for authorization.
                                             Signed: Luther.


     Herrn U.St.S.PW.
     Herrn U.St.S.R.
     Herrn Dir.HaPol
     D II
     D III