The Holocaust Historiography Project

Translation of document 3666-PS

                     [pencilled note] 28

The Reich Minister of the occupied Eastern Territories

                              Berlin, W 35, 18 December 1941
                                          Rauchstrasse 17/18
                                Telephone: 219515 and 395046
                            Cable Address: Reichsministerost
                                   [illegible initials] 12/I
                           Received 22/12 [illegible initial
                                                         V a
                                                     J. 9 I.
                                                    Ma 23/1.

                         TOP SECRET

No. I/1/157/41 Top Secret
     Please use this business sign
     and subject in further correspondence.

Journal No. 394/41

                     [stamp] TOP SECRET

     [pencilled note] A 6 J 1

1.) To the Reich Commissioner for the East [Ostland]
Riga / Leitort Tilsit

Adolf Hitler Street

Subject: Jewish Question re correspondence of 15 November

Clarification of the Jewish question has most likely been
achieved by now through verbal discussions. Economic
considerations should fundamentally remain unconsidered in
the settlement of the problem. Moreover, it is requested, that
questions arising be settled directly with the Senior SS and
Police Leaders.

                                                    By order

                                     [signed] Braeutiger [?]

2.) Filed II. a 4 Ma 26./1