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Translation of document 3610-PS


   [VOBL — Verordnungsblatt des Militaerbefehlshabers in
            und Nordfrankreich] 1940-41, Page 599

Decree regarding Plant Commissars [Betriebsbevollmaechtigte]
                      of 29 April 1941

By virtue of the authority vested in me by the Commander in
Chief of the Army, I hereby order for Belgium and Northern
France as follows:

                           Sec. 1

1. To safeguard the industrial production, the Military
Commander or the agency authorized by him can appoint
commissars [Betriebsbevollmaechtigte] for industrial plants.
These commissars can only be individuals. They can be
recalled at any time.

2. The commissars receive a certificate of appointment from
the agency which appoints them, as well as directives for
their task and are bound to conscientious execution of their
duties and to secrecy.

                           Sec. 2

1. The commissar has to take care of starting or operating
of the plant administered by him, for the execution of
orders according to plan, as well as for all measures to
increase the capacity of the plant.

2. The commissar has to decide also regarding visits of
outside persons.

1. The activity of the Commissar does not affect the
responsible management and right of representation of the
business management.  The business management, however, is
obliged to allow the Commissar examination of the plant and
business activities and of the business records, to give all
required information, and to follow his directions within
the scope of his duties. The Commissar is entitled to attend
all conferences of the business and plant managers.

2. The Commissar is not authorized to act as representative
of the firm.

                           Sec. 4

All expenses caused by the appointment of the Commissar are
borne by the firm, unless otherwise decided by the
appointing authority. The compensation to be paid to the
Commissar is determined by the appointing authority.

                           Sec. 5

Violations of this decree are punishable with imprisonment
and fine or with one of these two, unless more severe
penalties are incurred through other ordinances.

                           Sec. 6

This decree will be effective as of 1 February 1941.

       The Military Commander in Belgium and Northern France