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Partial translation of document 3602-PS

French Delegation with the Armistice Commission
Report on conversation (interview) between Mr. Hemmen and
Mr. De Boisanger, 4 October at 1100 hours.

Mr. Hemmen — In our last conversation I indicated to you
that the question of the line of demarcation could be
considered settled. What concerns the foreign exchange
[devisen] and the goods we shall surely find an accord. For
persons and the postal service we are giving you great

In the question of commissars I likewise suppose we are
going to reach an agreement. There is still a great
difficulty regarding the control by the Italians. There
remains the question of the payment agreement. What answer
do you bring me?

Mr. De Boisanger — You yourself had to let me know about
the outcome of your steps [demarches] concerning the rate of
the mark.

Mr. Hemmen — I could not obtain any result. I did all I
could; they did not listen to me. The rate of 20 francs must
be considered final. One must not speak about it any more.

Mr. De Boisanger — This answer is very disappointing after
all the efforts made in order to show you our desire of

Mr. Hemmen — You must  not come back to the question of the
mark. If you now refuse to conclude the payment agreement
[clearing agreement] we might just as well stop everything.
I will let the Fuehrer know of it and will have no
facilities whatsoever.