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Translation of document 3587-PS

                                        Berlin, 14 Nov. 1934

The Chief of the Military Personnel Office [Truppenamt]
The Chief of the Army High Command [Heeresleitung]
Nr. 3418/34 P A (3)

              Nr. 361/34 g Chief H.L. v. P. [In handwriting,
                                   Partly illegible] 0014/II

To the Chief of Staff:
     Command Group [Gruppenkommando] 1 and 2
     Army District Command I-VII [Wehrkreiskommando].
     Army Offices [Heeresdienststelle] Breslau and Kassel.
     Inspector of the Calvary
     Inspector of Motor-Vehicle Troups.
Officers Training Command T1 — T4
To be forwarded to:
     Adj. Ch. H.L.
     W A
     P A
     A H A
     Wa A

It has been found necessary to avoid for the time being, the
public use of the designation “General Staff.”

I therefore request that the subordinate Officers of the
General Staff be advised not to make use of the designation
"General Staff” (as example Captain of the General Staff,
etc.) in open correspondence, family notices and similar

                                                 Signed BECK