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Translation of document 3585-PS

The Chief of the Army High Command [Heeresleitung] to 300/34
   g [handwritten]

                                     Berlin W 35, 8 Oct 1934
                                           Bendlerstrasse 14
                      [in handwriting]

                                                     1. Nov.
                         [other handwritten notes illegible]


Presented to the Minister.

I believe, from the standpoint of national defense, that the
salient point in the East Prussian question is this, that an
emigration of the militarily most valuable elements must be
prevented and that, beyond this, the size of the population
must be made such that the East Prussian branch of the army
can live off its own country as far as personnel is

All effective measures, striving toward this goal, will be
welcomed by the Army High Command [Heeresleitung].
                               [Signed] Freiherr von Fritsch
[Handwritten note]

Memorandum has been delivered to Reichsbankpresident Schacht
by the Minister on 30 Feb.

Berlin, 30 Feb.


Service Command I [Wehrkreiskommando]
                                      (First Division)
Dept. Wi. A. No. 40/34 secret
                           Koenigsberg Prussia, 29 Sept 1934
                                          Cranzerallee 42/48
                       Telephone: Central Switchboard, 34201
                               For long distance only, 34208
[Rubber Stamp] The Chief of the Army Leadership No. 300/34g
   Chief H.L. ab5/10

To the Reich Minister of Defense (Reichswehrminister) via
   Chief of the Army Leadership.


Since the efforts up to now of various offices in East
Prussia to carry out a planned, unified settlement of the
East Prussian question have led only to partial results,
since however a fundamental clarification and a unified
execution is necessary for military reasons, the Service
Command presents a memorandum on the subject with the
request that it be submitted to the Fuehrer and Reich
Chancellor, with the consent of the Chief of the Army High
Command and of the Reich Minister of Defense, and that the
execution of the proposals be endorsed.

The measures proposed in the memorandum refer to national
defense as well as to economy. Since the measures in the
field of economy in East Prussia are in large part a
prerequisite for the improvement of national defense, the
economic proposals are therefore mentioned first in the

The military strengthening is not possible without the
recovery of economy in East Prussia; both of these together
form the basis for a policy directed toward the East.

                                                  [Page 281]

The immediate military goal is the increase of those capable
of military service by means of enlarging the possibilities
for existence in East Prussia.

The individual measures comply in many cases with proposals
already made by other offices. The Service Command is not
particularly concerned whether this or that individual
measure is used, but it is concerned above all, that the
necessity for the special favoring of Prussia be recognized,
and that action be taken accordingly.

                                   [Signed] Von Brauschitsch

Enclosure: Memorandum about measures for the military and
economical strengthening of East Prussia.

(Two copies) Further copies are available.

[Transcription note: The date “February 30” is a correct transcription
with respect to the NCA VI text. knm]