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Translation of document 3581-PS

                                  Berlin NW 40, 20 July 1934

To the Reich Minister of the Interior
I 6110 a/ 12 July II. Note G.
The Chief of Army High Command [Heeresleitung]
No 246/34 secret, Chief Army Command 23.8. R.
                      [In handwriting]
                                   18/8 [initials illegible]
                      [In handwriting]
                                                      P 20/8

To the Reich Minister for Public Enlightenment and
Propaganda in Berlin

Re: Unauthorized press releases about military matters.

Despite very frequent references made to this it has up to
now been impossible to provide that those announcements in
the press and the S.S. be withheld. In a press report about
a stadium inauguration by SS units, for example, mention was
made of “Unit-champion in the throwing of hand grenades.”

I respectfully request that you use all possible means in
order that such announcements be prevented.

Furthermore I request that you see to it that until further
notice any arbitrary announcement about German rearmament
measures, which applies also to reports about enlistment in
the Wehrmacht and to training courses, be withheld. As soon
as there is the slightest doubt about the admissability of
such an announcement, a decision has to be obtained from the
senior officer of the local military unit or from the
respective army district command [Wehrkreiskommando].

                                            Signed PFUNDTNER
                                      (acting for …)

The Reich Minister of Defense [Reichswehrminister]
No 3332/34 J IIIc

                                      Berlin, 15 August 1934
                                          Tirpitz-Ufer 72/76

Please find above a copy of a letter of the Reich Minister
of the Interior of 20 July 1934 for your information.
                                                   By order.
                                       [Signature illegible]

Distribution: Chief Army High Command
Chief M.L. [Navy High Command]
Army District Command I-VII
Navy Command Station of the North Sea
Navy Command Station of the Baltic Sea
Fleet Command