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Translation of document 3577-PS

Gauleiter Josef Buerkel, the Deputy of the Fuehrer for the
Plebiscite in Austria

                                       Vienna, 26 March 1938
                                     I., Parliament Building
                                        Telephone: R-50-5-60

To the Minister President General Field Marshall Hermann
present address: Vienna

Most honored General Field Marshal

I refer to this morning’s talk and would like to approach
you with the following request:

1. A fund of about 2-3 million Reichsmarks will be made
available for the removal of economic difficulties that
arise during the time of the change-over.

2. A fund of about 20-30 million Reichsmarks will be made
available for the dispossession of the Jews from business
and trade.

By means of about 20-30 million Reichsmarks will be made
available for the dispossession of the Jews from business
and trade.

By means of press and radio I have just given the order that
only those Aryan stores which are in Aryan possession and
under Aryan management may have the inscription “Aryan
store” [arisches Geschaeft]. The carrying of all other
inscriptions is forbidden. In this way, the inscriptions
which have been in common use up to now, such as “This store
is under Aryan management", “this store is administered by
the NSBO", et cetera, will be caused to disappear at once.

It is pointed out emphatically in press and radio that a
clear difference, visible even from the outside, has now
been made between Aryan and Jewish stores. I was in a
position to give that order after I had been informed that
the Reich Minister of Interior and the Reich Labor Minister
will, with your approval, publish this very day the
regulations suggested by me concerning social-political
questions. According to these regulations, very far-reaching
protection is granted against the giving of notices, and the
dismissal of Aryan employees and workers is made very
difficult. It is to be anticipated that a renewed, very
strong boycott movement will start against the Jewish
stores, due to my order. In view of the uncertainty of the
situation and in view of the declaration which you, my dear
General Field Marshall, intend to issue today concerning the
Jewish question, and which underlines the statements I made
the day before yesterday, it can be anticipated that the
Jews will be ready to sell their stores and companies at the
cheapest prices. I think it will be possible, in this way,
to bring a large part of Jewish property into Aryan

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hands under the most favorable economic terms. The only task
of the fund would be to simplify the financing of the change-
over in business. No losses would be incurred by the Reich
Treasury. It also seems to me that such a measure is
necessary to protect the interests of the employees.

I should like to request that the emergency fund mentioned
under point 1 be left to my administration and that there be
appointed for the fund mentioned under point 2 a trustee who
would work in the closest possible cooperation with me.

                                                Heil Hitler!
                                           Yours faithfully,
                                       [illegible signature]