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Translation of document 3574-PS

                         TOP SECRET

CI No. 141/38 Top Secret I East S
                                     Berlin, 2 February 1938
                                   In triplicate — Original

Filing notice regarding the discussion between the Chief of
the CI and the Chief of the Foreign CI on the 31 Jan., 38

1. At the beginning of October, 1937 Captain Leopold had
himself announced to the Chief of the Foreign CI through his
confidant Dr. Rauscher. Here he explained his position --
one supported by general trust — as Chief of the NSDAP
[National Socialist German Workers Party] in Austria and
stated, that he had especially close relations to the
officer’s corps of the Federal Army [Bundesheer], from whom
he could obtain any material whatsoever. Caution should be
exercised, he said, against Zehner, Jansa and a Lieutenant-
Colonel Bartel (unknown here!). He also mentioned his bad relations to
Ambassador von Papen, and criticized the latter’s political
attitude. Finally, he made two requests:

a. Arrangement of a visit to the Field-Marshall

b. Assurance that officers dismissed from the Austrian
Federal Army because of their National-Socialist views be
taken in the German Armed Forces. Both requests were

2. At the beginning of December Captain Leopold suggested
another meeting and conference with the Chief of the Foreign
CI. The latter did not respond.

3. At the beginning of January the Chief of the Foreign CI,
who at the time was vacationing in Braunlage was informed by
telephone by Dr. Rauscher, that an Austrian Lieutenant
Colonel, (retired) Eckinger (alias Herrlitz) was on his way
to see him. Shortly thereafter Eckinger appeared with a
letter of introduction from Dr. Rauscher. He stated that he
had been working in Leopold’s Bureau since his dismissal
from the Federal Army (1937), and that he had been ordered
by Captain Leopold to inform the Chief of the Foreign CI of
the “Plan for Rebellion” [Aufstandplan]. A copy of the plan
was submitted.

He stated at that time, that General [Generaloberst] Goering
had summoned Leopold by way of telegram and an urgent long-
distance call to a conference in Berlin.

Several days later Dr. Rauscher informed the Chief of the
Foreign CI that Captain Leopold had not been granted a
travel permit. Dr. Rauscher and Eckinger, however, had been
received by Colonel Bodenschatz.

The Chief of the Foreign CI handed over the plan of
rebellion to the Chief of the CI and asked him to take over
the relations to Dr. Rauscher, as the Foreign CI did not
want to concern itself any further in this matter. The Chief
of the CI agreed.

                                                      Jr S P
                                                 [s] CANARIS
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