The Holocaust Historiography Project

Partial translation of document 3566-PS

Dated 31st December, 1945.


I, OLGA ABRAHAMS, of Bush House, Aldwych in the
County of Westminister, married woman, solemnly
and sincerely declare as follows:

1.   I am and have for some tie been employed by the
  Political Intelligence Department of the Foreign Office of
  Bush House, Aldwych, aforesaid.

2.   On the nineteenth day of July 1945 I caused a copy
  (Reference No. P.I.D.  Document Section A.10) to be made of
  extracts from the German file entitled “SD Hauptamt
  Abteilung Rundfunk.”

3.   The copy of the said extracts which is annexed hereto
  and marked A is a true copy.

4.   The said file was obtained on loan from the Military
  Intelligence Research Section of the War Office, 40 Hyde
  Park Gate in the County of London in July 1945 and was
  returned to them in the same month.

I make this solemn-declaration conscientiously
believing the same to be true and by virtue of the
Statutory Declarations Act 1835.

Dated this thirty first day of December 1945.

                           [signed]  OLGA ABRAHAMS
                  Before me:  [signed]  S. H. PITT
                           Commissioner for Oaths.


The most serious objections exist here against
Glasmeier, which have already been stated in a
report to RFSS.  His appointment to the position
of General Manager would make the chaos in the
broadcasting even worse.  A failure of Glasmeier
(Handwritten note:  Letter to be addressed to RFSS
when such failure has materialized), which must be
expected as absolutely certain, would amount to a
serious encroachment upon the reputation of the

                               [signed]  SIGISMUND


II 21

                       NOTE FOR FILES

Subject:  General Manager of the German

On 27 February 1937 Reg. Rat Weinbrenner was asked
whether anything is known to him with respect to
the planned office of General Manager of the
German Broadcasting.

Weinbrenner made the following statement:

The probability that a General Manager would be
named is very great.  For approximately 14 days
all the work of the department handling
broadcasting in the Propaganda Ministry is
practically  at a standstill, which fact is
clearly indicative of changes which are under way.

However, he stated, it is almost impossible to
determine whom the Minister would name General
Manager, since Dr. Goebbels reaches most of the
important decisions only by agreement with Under-
Secretary Funk.  In most instances the fact is
that the department handling the matter makes
suggestions, but that it

                                        [Page 256]

thereupon does not hear anything for a
considerable time as to the status of the matter
until some day all of a sudden a change would be
made by a direct order of the Minister and
everybody would be of the opinion that the
Minister alone handled the matter.

It was not known to Weinbrenner that Stueber and
Glasmeier had been ordered to see Under-Secretary
Funk.  He, therefore, did not know anything as to
the result of these conversations.  In conclusion,
it should be stated that information as to the
appointment  of a General Manager most probably
can here be obtained only when Dr. Goebbels has
already reached a decision and there are no longer
any possibilities to express any doubts or to
submit proposals to the RFSS.

                               (Signed)  Sigismund
II 2145

                     NOTES FOR THE FILES

Subject:  General Manager of the German

Reg. Rat Weinbrenner, Propaganda Ministry, advised
that on 1.2.37 Glasmeier already had the second
interview with Under-Secretary Funk.  It is also
stated that he negotiated with Dr. Goebbels during
the latter’s stay in Cologne.

Glasmeier thus seems to be considered increasingly
seriously as a candidate for the possible position
of a General Manager.

                               (Signed)  Sigismund
II 2145