The Holocaust Historiography Project

Translation of document 3565-PS

                                Oberursel, Germany
                                  27 December 1945

I, Franz Ritter von Epp, after being duly sworn,
state and depose as follows: --

I was Reich Governor of Bavaria from the spring of
1933 until the entry of American troops, May 1945.
In this capacity the
Minister of the Interior, Wilhelm Frick, was my
superior until his appointment as Reich Protector
for Bohemia.  During these ten years Frick won
credit for coordinating in Germany party and state
along party lines.  The Reich was centralized
through the establishment of a Reich Statthalter
(Governor) created by him, and totalitarian
control by the Reich Government from Berlin was
introduced through the abolition of the federal

Reich legislation, such as for instance racial
legislation and legislation concerning civil
servants, was drafted in this Ministry.  Frick's
knowledge and experience in the field of
constitutional  law and administration were of
greatest value to the new Government which had
come to power in January 1933.  He had a position
of supreme importance as Chief of the domestic
state machinery (Executive).  Hitler gave him this
important post because as a party member of many
years' standing he was a trusted co-worker; as far
as I know, they already knew each other at the
time of the Beer Hall Putsch of 1923 in Munich.

                                 /s/  Franz V. Epp
Given, signed and sworn before me.
                             /s/  R. M. W. Kempner
                       Office of the Chief Counsel