The Holocaust Historiography Project

Partial translation of document 3563-PS

        Excerpts from German Publications Concerning
         Defendant Funk’s Positions and Activities.

With respect to the positions and activities which are
listed on Document 3533-PS, but to which Defendant Funk
refused to stipulate, statements from relevant German
publications are submitted below, with a request that the
Tribunal take judicial notice of those publications:

"(b) Personal Economic Adviser of Hitler”

(1)  A book published in 1932 by Edgar v. Schmidt-Pauli
entitled “The Men around Hitler” [Die-Maenner um Hitler]
devotes a chapter to Funk (pp. 92-96) under the heading
"Walther Funk--the Adviser on Economic Policy". [Walther
Funk Wirtschaftspolitischer Berater]. It is stated on page
92 of this book:

"Walther Funk, today the personal adviser of Hitler on
Economic Policy, the man, foremost, who establishes personal
contacts between the Fuehrer of the NSDAP and the economic
leaders in the Reich".

(2)  In the German “Who’s Who” [Wer Ist's] published in
  1935, the chapter on Defendant Funk (at p. 463) contains the
  following statement:

"Since 1931, Economic Adviser to Fuehrer of NSDAP".

(3)  In the German Fuehrer Who’s Who, 1934/35 [Das Deutsche
Fuehrerlexikon, 1934/35] published in 1934, it is stated
with respect to defendant Funk (at p. 139):

"1 July 1916, editor of the “Berliner Beorsenzeitung"; 1922,
editor-in-chief till end of 1930; since then economic
adviser to the Fuehrer of the NSDAP;”

The title page of that book states:

"No objections are raised by the NSDAP to the publication of
this book; Munich, 15 June 1934".

Moreover, the book’s preface, which was signed by the
publisher and the editors, states (at p. 12):

"It would have been impossible for us to perform the task
which we set ourselves if we would not have gone about the
publication of the book by co-operating with the competent
official authorities".

(4)  In a book by Paul Oestreich, entitled “Walther Funk, a
Life for the Economy” [Walther Funk, Ein Leben fuer die
Wirtschaft], 1941 (Document 3605-PS), published by the
Central Publishing House of the Nazi Party, the following
statement appears (at p. 80):

"The Fuehrer had made up his mind already, immediately after
Funk’s connection with the Boersen Zeitung on 31 December
1930 was severed, he appointed him a member of the Reich
leadership of the party and chose him as his personal
economic adviser. This was proof of his greatest

"(e)  Deputy Chairman of the Reich Economic Council of the

(1)  The German Fuehrer Who’s Who 1934/35 [Das Deutsche
Fuehrerlexikon, 1934/35], states (at p. 139):

"1 July 1916, editor of the “Berliner Boersenzeitung"; 1922,
editor-in-chief till end of 1930; since then economic
adviser to the Fuehrer of the NSDAP; main department
leadership in Munich and chairman of the Commission for
Economic Policy as well as deputy chairman of the Council
for Reich Economy of the NSDAP".

(2)  The official National-Socialist Yearbook
[Nationalsozialistisches Jahrbuch] 1933, published in
cooperation with Reich leadership of the NSDAP, contains a
description of the Reich Economic Council of the NSDAP, and
states (at p. 350):

"Second Chairman of the Reich Economic Council: Walther

"(j) Vice-President of the Reich Senate for Culture”

The “Reichsband", the official encyclopedic reference work
listing all offices of the Party, of the Government, and of
the professional organizations, 3rd edition, 1941/42, states
on page 9 of

                                                  [Page 253]

its chapter or “Berufsorganisationen” (professional

"Member of the Reich Senate for Culture

Vice-Presidents: Reichsminister Walther Funk and Under-
Secretary Karl Hanke".