The Holocaust Historiography Project

Translation of document 3554-PS

            BOOK NEWS  [Buecher-Kunde] Number 11,
                   November 1942, Page 1.

In the midst of the German people’s most violent struggle
for its natural and cultural existence, we are celebrating
the anniversary of a book, which, next to the Fuehrer's
book, has contributed to a unique extent to the rise and to
the spiritual and psychical development of this people.
Twelve years after Alfred Rosenberg’s “Mythus” first
appeared, a million copies of the book have been published
and circulated. If this large number is already a proof of
the exceptionally great effect of this book, it is even far
more so when we consider how many readers have been reached
through these million books. We still recall the years after
1930 during which small gatherings met together in all parts
of the Reich to promote a new ideology by means of the
"Mythus des 20. Jahrhunderts". It is just through this book
that during the time of struggle we have come again to know
communal reading and discussions amongst the workers. We
are therefore not incorrect in assuming that many million
Germans not only know the “Mythus” by name but have read it

The effect of a book is certainly not estimated only by the
number of its editions and readers. This book, however, was
bound to fulfill its revolutionary task, since it circulated
among the best elements of the people, the fighters. By
their attitude and in their own words, they passed on the
basic ideas of Alfred Rosenberg to the many Germans who at
first fought shy of reading a “difficult” book of this kind,
and still do so. It must therefore be stated that the
phrases coined by Alfred Rosenberg have passed into the
consciousness of the whole people and it is just today that
they are proving pillars of an ideological building whose
completion is the purpose of the fight being waged not least