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Partial translation of document 3553-PS

       [Der Mythus des 20. Jahrhunderts], Munich, 1934

                    To the 150th Thousand

[Page 18]

The “Myth” has today drawn deep, ineffaceable furrows into
the emotional life of the German nation. Ever new editions
are a clear indication that a decisive turning over of the
spiritual soil
is growing into a historical event. Many things which in my
book seemed to be a peculiar idea have already become a
reality of state policy. Many other things will yet, I hope,
materialize as a further result of this new vigour.

The College of the Inquisition of the Roman Church has
ceremoniously put the “Myth” on the Index. This feeble
protest will contribute its share to the wider dissemination
of this work. I am in the best of company on the Index.

The state-political revolution has ended, the change of
spirit, however, has just begun. In its service the “Myth of
the 20th Century” now stands among the first.

Berlin, May, 1934.
                                                       A. R.

[Page 28]

The “significance of world history” has radiated out from
the north over the whole world, borne by a blue-eyed blond
race which in several great waves determined the spiritual
aspect of the world * * *

[Page 479]

The essence of the contemporary world revolution lies in the
awakening of the racial types. Not in Europe alone but on
the whole globe. This awakening is the organic counter-
movement against the last chaotic remnants of the liberal
economic commercial imperialism, whose object of
exploitation out of desperation had fallen into the snare of
Bolshevik Marxism, in order to complete what democracy had
begun, the extirpation of the racial and national

[Page 452]

Thereby the new thought is sifted out in a palpable way. It
puts nation and race higher than the actual state and its
form. It declares protection of the nation more important
than protection of a
religious belief, a class, the monarchy, or the republic; it
regards treason against the nation as a greater crime than
high treason against the state.

[Page 642]

No “Central Europe” without distinction of race and nation,
as one Naumann had proclaimed, no Franco-Jewish Pan-Europe,
but a Nordic Europe is the watchword for the future, with a
German central Europe. Germany as a racial and national
state, as the central power of the main-land, as security
for the South and the Southeast; the Scandinavian states
with Finland as a second alliance for the security of the
Northeast, and Great Brit

                                                  [Page 242]

ain for the security of the West and overseas at points
where it is necessary in the interests of the Nordic
peoples. That still requires comprehensive confirmation.

(Foot note: I do not wish here to go from the principle to
single immediate European problems as they have already been
dealt with in the clearest manner--See Adolf Hitler: “Mein
Kampf,” Vol. 2, and my work “The Essential Structure of
National Socialism” )

[Page 673]

After throwing off their worn-out basic ideas and the
present purse proud conditions (i.e. the destruction of the
New York idea), the United States of America,- which all
travellers with common accord regard as a glorious land of
the future, have the great task of putting into being with
youthful energy the new conception of racial states which a
few awakened Americans have already foreseen (Grant,
Stoddard): the emigration and settlement elsewhere of the
Negroes and the yellow races, the cession of East Asiatic
territories to Japan, work for the preparation of a
colonization by the blacks of Central Africa, the emigration
of the Jews to a territory where that whole “nation” can
find room, in agreement with a future settled European
policy in this direction.