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Partial translation of document 3552-PS

             THE THIRD REICH [Das Dritte Reich]
                  [By Gerd Ruehle; Page 21]

                Education in the Ordensburg.

Those Party members, selected for training in leadership in
accordance with such points of view (who must have completed
their labor service and their military service
satisfactorily) are to be taught in the Ordensburgen by the
best teachers in history and science of race, philosophy and
culture, economics and specialized training etc. To
determine the ideological direction of this education, to
choose suitable teachers and to train them, is one of the
tasks of the Senior School of the Party [Hohe Schule der
Partei which is to be established in the near future and
will be placed under the direction of the Reich Leader Party
member Alfred Rosenberg in his capacity as Delegate of the
Fuehrer for the supervision of the entire spiritual and
ideological teaching and education of the NSDAP (See Vol.
1934, pp. 78 to 79.).