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Partial translation of document 3529-PS

      [Documente der Deutschen Politik] Volume 5, Page
          69 b. Declaration on 17. January 1937 by
                    Reichsleiter Dr. Ley
          and Schirach on the Adolf Hitler Schools.

2. Voelkischer Beobachter 19.  January 1937.--As stated by
Dr. Ley, Reichsorganisationsleiter, on 23.  November 1937 at
Ordensburg Sonthofen, these Adolf Hitler Schools, as the
first step of the principle of selecting a special elite,
form an important branch in the educational system of the
national socialist training of future leaders (Voelkischer
Beobachter dated 24.  November 1937).  ***

The curriculum has been laid down by Reichsleiter Rosenberg
together with the Reichsorganisationsleiter and the Reich
Youth Leader. In the execution of this there are no
certificates, no examinations, no sitting still. The pupil
proves himself by his character and knowledge, or he is