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Partial translation of document 3528-PS

             THE THIRD REICH [Das dritte Reich]
         by Gerd Ruehle, Second Year 1934, Page 297

                   NSDAP Community Schools

But the unity of all the National Socialist organizations
was demonstrated particularly forcibly when at the
suggestion of Reichsleiter and party member Alfred Rosenberg
(whose whole task with regard to ideology and training we
have already dealt with on January 24th in section 2) the
following joint proclamation was issued:

We support the request of the Fuehrer’s Commissioner for the
supervision of the whole spiritual and ideological training
and instruction of the NSDAP, Party member Alfred Rosenberg,
to organize community schools of all organizations of the
NSDAP twice a year, in order to show by this common effort
the ideological and political unity of the NSDAP and the
steadfastness of the National Socialist will.

Berlin, 7/1934

signed:  R. Walther Darre, Reich Farmers' Leader, Minister
of the Reich.

signed:  Konstantin Hierl, Reich Labor Service Leader,
Secretary of State.

signed:  Heinrich Himmler, Reichsfuehrer of the SS.

signed:  Dr. Robert Ley, Director of the “P. O.”

signed:  Viktor Lutze, Chief of Staff of the SA.

signed:  Baldur von Schirach, Youth Leader for the German